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The FES Quintessentials flower essences are liquid potentized extracts derived from flowers grown in the Biodynamic gardens at Terra Flora, or pristine wildflower habitats. Created in "Nature’s laboratory" through a careful orchestration of the four elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, FES essences combine the fifth quintessential element of the sensitive attunement and awareness of the preparer to produce remedies which serve to nourish the human soul.

The FES Quintessentials were developed to meet the needs of modern consciousness, adding to those identified by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. The Quintessentials flower essences include remedies for current issues such as interpersonal and family relationships, spiritual unfoldment, career concerns, over-sensitivity, creativity, sexuality, and much more.

Corroborated by over three decades of case studies and practitioner reports from around the world, the FES Quintessentials have developed a solid professional reputation for excellence and efficacy. These remarkable remedies occupy a unique niche in the health care spectrum as they address the emotional and psychological aspects of mind-body wellness.

“I wouldn't use any other flower essence company than FES; I don't know how we'd survive without FES flower essences!”
— Dr. Delaine Hayes, Thermopolis, WY

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Customer Comments and Testimonials


The comments below were selected from Flower Essence Services files of correspondence and from case studies collected by the educational and research nonprofit organization, the Flower Essence Society. If you have a story about your experiences with flower essences or our other products, we'd love to hear from you! Send us an e-mail message at fes@fesflowers.com

Golden Ear Drops: this flower essence was fantastic in trying to release some painful childhood memories—just for a clean up and starting fresh with the essences. At first I had some dreams, one in particular about making a discovery at a cemetery digging bones (OLD BONES) and feeling very excited by this discovery. So I went to take a hot bath and it always has been the case of not letting myself completely relax more than 15 minutes in a hot bathtub; in my head I was trying to put the puzzle together about why this happens to me in the bathtub – ?

This is when I decided to start a journal about my flower essence experiences and a memory came to me: my father was abusive verbally and emotionally in my childhood. We grew up on a farm and as the second oldest child, it was my obligation to take care of it since I was 8-years old. At that point in my life, we owned a cow and my task was to bring it to pasture every day at 5 am and bring it back to the barn at 5 or 6 pm.

One day in particular, I wasn’t feeling very well and decided to not bring the cow back to the barn. Knowing my father’s short temper and that this would make him upset, I thought perhaps he would forgive me this one time. I went as usual to take my bath but when he came home and while screaming, pulled me out of my bath, naked, dragged me to the pasture and made me bring the cow back to the barn.
Suddenly this experience came to me, and I recalled all the emotional and sensory feelings: everything from the cold, the mud between my toes, the grass touching me, the smells, the anger and frustration, the helpless moments of being by myself without anyone who could intervene, and the shame of being naked in front of neighbors. It finally came to me why I couldn't feel relaxed more than 15 to 20 minutes in a safe environment. Luckily, I was able to process this with my therapist and let the tears wash out this painful memory. So amazing, how powerful Golden Ear Drops worked on me

— Antonio, New York, NY

“Flower essences are tremendously effective at balancing the emotional and physical aspects associated with disease imbalances. They are key in getting many medical conditions resolved. They promote the ultimate healing of the person, not just the physical body. Where there is no dissonance between the spirit inside and the physical manifestation outside the person, a condition is created where disease is not possible … Flower essences are also effective when used as a preventative measure, catching problems before they manifest as diseases.

“I have been using flower essences in my practice for eleven years. Flower Essence Services products work on aspects different from traditional flower remedies, and I have found them to be highly effective — there hasn't been one that hasn't done what it's supposed to do when following an evolving situation as a client grows and changes. I wholeheartedly recommend FES essences for professional therapeutic use, and invite other practitioners to use them personally to experience their healing qualities firsthand."

— Dr. Thomas Worden, Chiropractor, Connecticut

“I use a simple analogy to describe how Flower Essences work. When we are born we have a perfect mirror to see ourselves in. Our wholeness is obvious. As life transpires a trauma invariably occurs. The mirror gets a crack. Still we can pretty much get the whole picture. Then another trauma and another crack. On and on. Finally we look in the mirror of ourselves and see only a fragmented picture. Wholeness is but a lost memory of childhood. The essences help resurface this mirror so we can get the whole picture again. They help bring all the little selves into the one self. A clear mirror reflects the beauty of the human spirit.”

— A.D., massage therapist, Paia, HI

“I use flower essences as a primary modality and with clients who were on traditional psychiatric medication. My first experience using these essences was to help a client get off antidepressant and mood stabilizing Benzodiazepans which she had taken for approximately eight years. She was able to successfully get off these medications with the help of specific flower essences and has not needed (two years now) to go back on these chemicals.”

— H.M., psychiatric nurse counselor, Boston, MA

“I have always been shy and withdrawn…so much so that I have this terrible tendency to break out in a rash on my arms and shoulders whenever I am faced with speaking before a group or even giving eucharistic ministry at Mass. For years and years I have been searching for something that would help these rashes.

“I ran into a wonderful [therapist, who] told me about flower essences and your Self-Heal Creme. After a session with Jennifer, she suggested I take some of the Five-Flower Formula and Pink Monkeyflower, two drops of each under my tongue three times a day, and also to put the drops in the creme and apply it to the rash when I got one.

“It works just great! It only takes a few minutes to feel real relief when I apply the drops and the creme. Within an hour or so the rash goes completely away. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am to discover such a warm, effective, and spiritually comforting therapy. I'm very excited to learn more.”

— H.M., Martinez, CA

“After the death of my partner in April, I found the flower essence combination of Borage, Bleeding Heart, and Forget-Me-Not to be very useful. I took them in my water throughout the day, three times a day. Now whenever I start to feel sad or lonely, I take this combination for a few days and I usually snap out of the grief mode and more into the acceptance mode...”

— B.D., Roseburg, OR

“I have two cats. Tiger Lily has worked wonders for them to get along. You see, when I first got the second cat, I thought she would be a nice playmate for the first one. It shows you how much I didn't know about cats! An animal communicator in Ohio suggested I try Tiger Lily flower essence, and it worked right away. I put a few drops a day in their water, and both the girls get along much better.”

— Barbara S., Houston, TX


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