Seasons of the Soul™

A Spectrum of Flower Fusions To Warm Body and Soul




The Perfect Healing Gift for Your Loved Ones or to Nurture Yourself:  
Elegant Boxed  Set of 2-ounce oils
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Seasons of the Soul™ Herbal Flower Oils are lovingly prepared by hand at Terra Flora, our Demeter certified organic and Biodynamic® garden at the FES headquarters in Nevada City, California. These marvelous oils are a vibrant fusion of flower essences, medical-grade essential oils and herbal flowers, solarized in small batches of replenishing certified organic almond oil.  They are perfect to use for soothing bathtub soaks, relaxing massages, strengthening topical applications, and sacred anointing. Learn how each of these herbal oils can help you and your loved ones.



Benediction™ Calendula Caress™ Dandelion Dynamo™ Mugwort Moon Magic™ Saint John’s Shield™


Arnica Allay



Restorative for
Trauma & Injury





Arnica Allay is important to have on hand during the winter season. It is provides relief for stress or strain to the muscles that haven’t been used for a while in activities such as skiing, skating or snowboarding, shoveling snow, or quick recovery from slipping on an icy sidewalk. Of course, Arnica is beneficial for injury of any kind throughout the year, and is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities.  It facilitates tissue regeneration for many kinds of bodily traumas, such as bruises, sprains, contusions, various forms of myalgia, hyperextensions, sports injury and recovery from surgery. Arnica Allay helps the body-soul complex to re-establish its balance and equilibrium from any kind of trauma or injury. 

The Flower Fusion:

Hand-harvested blossoms of Arnica are sun-infused into organic almond oil. Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Rose, Palmarosa, Cistus and Helichrysum essential oils are added for their stabilizing, anti-inflammatory and restorative qualities. The flower essences of Alpine Aster, Arnica, Chrysanthemum, Indian Pink and Star of Bethlehem provide strengthening, spiritualizing and centering  trauma or injury.

I love the Arnica Allay oil. It really helps my hips and knees. It’s also great for bruises. Our patients use the Seasons of the Soul™ oils on a regular basis.
— Sandy, Center for Holistic Medicine, Riverwood, Illinois

I injured my knee while exercising; I heard a "pop" and felt a movement up over my knee. It was very painful after the incident and I even had difficulty turning over in bed without exacerbating the pain. I consulted with various doctors, chiropractors and others, and no one could tell me what the problem was or what I can do about it; nothing seemed to help. Then, I thought to use Arnica Allay on the painful area. I applied the oil and sat with an infrared lamp over the area. It stopped hurting immediately! It's amazing; thank you!
— Betsy Russell, KY


  • Use to reduce inflammation and recover more quickly from any trauma or injury, such as bruised skin or sprains
  • Apply warm compresses over bandaged areas (do not apply directly to open wounds)
  • Apply preventatively to vulnerable or previously injured areas before physical engagement
  • Use before and after major sports events to speed recovery from any physical strain
  • Apply in warm compresses to scar tissue, or other places where the body is still holding prior trauma and injury
  • Apply as immediate first aid relief to any area of injury – however, use compresses for open cuts and wounds after they have been properly bandaged
  • Use in baths or topical application to prepare for surgery and in compresses over the bandaged areas after surgery

Benediction Oil™


Protect and Nurture
the Interior
Light of the Soul





The Benediction Oil™ was birthed on a Christmas Eve nearly three decades ago to help many who were in need.  Although it is now used around the world for many purposes and seasons, we still think of it as our beneficent Christmas Balm, helping the heart to realize the true meaning of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Humankind”. 

The Flower Fusion:

The foundation of Benediction Oil™ is the precious ruby red St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) regarded by medieval mystics as the “blood of Christ,” for its  protective mantle of light. The essential oils of Rose, Angelica and Jasmine instill higher awareness by opening the heart and soothing anxiety. The flower essences of Holly, Motherwort and Hawthorne strengthen and purify the heart; while Self-Heal helps the soul transform illness into wellness; and Angel’s Trumpet carries consciousness of the spiritual world.

As a comfort care therapist with hospice, I have used the Benediction Oil™.  Patients respond with letting go and calm.
— Karen Lohmann, Olympia, Washington

I recently used Benediction Oil™ with my father for his last two months here on this earth. I was deeply moved by his acceptance and openness to this product. He LOVED the smell!!! I massaged his feet, legs, hands and head with the oil at least two times a day; he looked forward to those moments. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart, with tears of gratitude in my eyes, for this magical oil.
— Heidi Hampe, Forestville, CA


  • To bless and sanctify during holidays (holy days), when the soul seeks deeper meaning and connection
  • For use as a sacramental anointing oil during any major life passage or celebration
  • To apply during times of illness, easing pain and assisting body-soul alignment
  • To help the soul accept and transform chronic pain and physical suffering
  • To bolster the soul when feeling depression, anguish, anxiety or bewilderment
  • For recovery from any violation such as violent attack, sexual abuse or other similar trauma
  • To help birthing, by guiding the soul to feel the blessing of human love during the passage to human incarnation
  • For heart-centered sexuality, encouraging  both body and soul to experience the warmth of human love
  • For transition during dying – to feel love and support during passage from the body to a purely spiritual reality

  • Calendula Caress™


    Soothing,  Nurturing, and Softening  for Body and Soul





    The archetypal image of the winter season is that of mother and child, for we all seek the soothing, maternal comfort that allows us to feel secure and deeply nourished. The Calendula flower was also known as Mary’s Gold because its golden blossoms bestow a mothering and calming touch, highly beneficial for all forms of irritation and inflammation. Calendula flowers have been used for various forms of skin restoration, with notable anti-inflammatory, vulnerary and disinfectant properties. Calendula Caress™  is ideal for the delicate skin of infants and children, and as a beneficent balm for birthing and nursing mothers. Calendula Caress™ instills a gentle mothering disposition of soul, showing us the path by which we can heal others with our own word and touch.



    Watch a short video on our Calendula harvest here at Terra Flora:

    The Flower Fusion:

    Fresh golden blossoms of Calendula are hand-gathered and solar infused into organic almond oil. A herbal extract of Calendula along with the essential oils of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Chamomile, Marjoram and Lavender provide calming and soothing qualities. The flower essences Calendula, Mariposa Lily and Star Tulip provide mothering aspects that help the body-soul feel deeply receptive and gently embraced.

    I use the Calendula Caress™ in my massage practice.  It really calms people down, is good for the lymphatic system, and letting go of anger.
    — S.B., massage & Reiki therapist, Sedona, Arizona


    • Soak in warm baths of Calendula Caress™ to replenish and moisturize the skin during times of winter cold and indoor dry air, or summer heat and dryness
    • Consider for calming and receptivity especially during times of emotional upset, moodiness or irritability
    • Use for any skin that is fine, delicate or hypersensitive, including children and infants
    • Apply to skin that tends toward inflammation or redness of any kind
    • Use warm compresses of Calendula for swollen areas of the lymphatic system, or for slow-healing wounds or skin ulcers
    • Employ as a gentle harmonizer for the feminine: for the breasts of nursing mothers, as a moisturizing balm for the birthing belly, and for calming and centering during the moon cycle

    Dandelion Dynamo


     To Release Stress and Feel Rest





    For many of us the winter holidays create tension and stress, as we over-schedule our lives with numerous external activities and indulge in too many rich foods and drinks.  The end result is that there is congestion and sluggishness in the body, including tightness in the muscles and general fluid retention. Our challenge is to learn the right pacing of life that aligns the body with the soul, so that we can relax and receive nourishment as well as perform in the world.

    The Flower Fusion:

    Hand-harvested blossoms of Dandelion are sun-infused in organic almond oil and  Palma Christi (castor) Oil, well known for its health promoting qualities to the liver and general metabolism. The essential oils of Rosemary and Juniper provide energizing and invigorating qualities. The flower essences of Dandelion, Tansy and Zinnia address stagnation and tension by instilling a greater sense of body-soul alignment, and presence for life’s unfolding rhythms.

    Dandelion Dynamo™ is one of the most magnificent products available today for dissolving and releasing body armoring.       —L.B., herbalist, Charlotte, North Carolina


    • Use as a general health tonic to nourish and support the liver, the organ that regulates and replenishes life force
    • Use as a relief aid for stiff or tight muscles due to tension or excessive physical stress
    • Apply in compresses or warm baths to ease water retention and support feminine hormonal balance, including PMS, perimenopause, or menopause
    • Use for general detoxification by enlivening the liver meridian
    • Rub directly into neck and shoulders for chronic neck & shoulder tension,  after the morning shower, or in hot compresses and baths at night


    Hear Dr. Gregory Weisswasser of Whitewater Naturopathic Medicine talk about how he uses

    Dandelion Dynamo in his busy practice:



    Mugwort Moon Magic


     Warming and Nourishing to the Circulation





    On cold winter days we long for those lush summer days when our bodies felt  spacious and free in the surrounding warmth.  Fortunately, Mugwort Moon Magic™ instills that same sense of expansive warmth in body and soul.  On cold winter nights, a bath with Mugwort Moon Magic™ provides  cozy comfort before sleep,  allowing the soul to expand into the starry night’s dreamscape.

    The Flower Fusion:

    Hand-harvested flowering tops from the Mugwort plant are solar infused into organic almond oil. Lavender, Red Mandarin Orange, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Mugwort essential oils nurture and calm the nervous system.  The flower essences of Mugwort and Hibiscus facilitate expansive warmth and ease for both body and soul.

    I use Mugwort Moon Magic™ for menstrual cramps and swelling. I use it on the first day of my cycle, a time when I usually feel miserable. After rubbing it on my belly area, it heals the problem, and the rest of my cycle is much easier. — C. B., St. Petersburg, Florida


    Out of all of the Mugworts that I've tested, yours is the most effective for our application. I work with people having difficulty with focus and attention. Mugwort helps by expanding awareness. It is also good for meditation (I have my clients use it just before they sit down to meditate) and excellent for dream work (used just before going to sleep). I have my clients meditate and do dream recall work in order to access information/memories for deep healing. I test everything on myself first and have also found that Mugwort is a good for digestive disorders and as an energy equalizer.

    — Susana Curatolo, Overbrook, KS


    • Warming for all cold areas of the body – especially extremities such as hands, feet
    • Beneficial for all “blue” areas of the body that are lacking in circulation, for example, varicose veins
    • A general tonic for areas of the body that tend toward hardness or stiffness – such as rheumatism
    • Can be applied topically similar to the Mugwort (moxa) treatments of oriental acupuncture, to increase energetic flow within meridian pathways
    • Increases psychic sensitivity for dreams and similar receptive states of soul consciousness 
    • Beneficial as a general balm for female reproductive health, especially erratic moon cycles, or premature onset of menopause
    • Recommended by many midwives during labor and delivery, and for facilitating lactation (Note:  Due to Mugwort’s releasing and expansive qualities, this oil is not indicated for use during pregnancy, except for labor and delivery)


    Hear Dr. Gregory Weisswasser of Whitewater Naturopathic Medicine talk about how he uses

    Mugwort Moon Magic in his busy practice:

    St. John's Shield™


    Light Regeneration for Depression & Depletion





    St. John’s Shield™ is a marvelous winter-time balm to help build deeper structures of light and radiance in the body and soul. It is strongly indicated for “Seasonal Affective Disorder” and for related forms of depression and immobilization, when outer light is reduced. The strong light-bearing qualities of St. John’s Wort carry notable anti-viral and neuralgic qualities, beneficial for sciatica, shingles and carpal tunnel syndrome. Other conditions related to light-dark imbalance, such sleep disorders, or bedwetting in young children are also greatly assisted by St. John’s Shield™.

    The Flower Fusion:

    Fresh flowering tops of St. John’s Wort are hand-gathered during the height of summer and solarized into organic almond oil until it turns a rich ruby red color. The essential oils of St. John’s Wort, Angelica, and Rose Geranium stimulate light-enhancing, spiritualizing qualities. The flower essences of Love-Lies-Bleeding, Borage and  St. John’s Wort help the soul anchor inner light, buoyancy and serenity during times of depletion and depression.

    I am going through chemotherapy and St. John’s Shield™ helps tremendously with the tingling under my skin that is a neurological result of chemo. It is the only thing I've found that works!

    — Judith, Judith's Herbals, Bolinas, CA

    I have come to expect winter depression. When the weather changed, I decided to try a bath with St. John’s Shield™.  My whole chest area felt lighter and I didn’t have that SAD feeling.  After a few weeks, the SAD symptoms had not returned.     

    — M.H., Nevada City, California


    • Use for “winter blues,”  when feeling sluggish, immobilized or otherwise beset with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), due to reduced light
    • Use for any states of depression, anxiety, or fear – to help the body-soul make contact with its radiant source of inner light and strength
    • Apply in compresses, massage  or baths for peripheral nerve damage or other forms of neuralgia
    • Use during any disruption of light-dark rhythms, such as insomnia-related  travel, or seasonal change
    • Use for metabolic sleep disturbances, such as bedwetting.  Massage into the inner-thigh and bladder regions nightly, and apply warm compresses on the kidney and bladder areas

    Learn more about Saint John's Shield and Mugwort Moon Magic

    in this educational video hosted by FES staff member Jon Enos


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