Our Values

The FES Mission Statement:
Our Professional, Ecological and Social Values

  • We offer the best quality products within our unique category of body-mind healing, tested and praised by a world-wide community of practitioners since 1979.
  • We are developing a professional foundation for flower essence therapy through clinical reports from our international network of practitioners, field study of the flower essence plants, and in-depth practitioner training programs by FES and FES-inspired teachers, through our educational and research organization, the Flower Essence Society.
  • We publish an on-line International Research Journal for flower essence therapy, featuring articles from a diverse, world-wide community of practitioners.
  • Our Terra Flora Gardens are dual-certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic® the highest standards in the world for sustainable land use.
  • Terra Flora is a model nature sanctuary for the restoration of land and wildlife, with a special emphasis on regenerative agriculture for earth-healing and carbon sequestration. At FES we believe we have a responsibility to care for this magnificent planet that sustains us all.
  • Our gardens and related structures are not only for the production of plant materials, but also offer a unique health-giving environment for our company team, and for our educational programs for practitioners.
  • Our products are certified Organic, or made with organic and wild-harvested ingredients, by Oregon Tilth.
  • We manage a large composting program to regenerate and ‘give back’ to the life of the soil, water and plants.
  • We use limited packaging that emphasizes natural, recycled, and/or reused materials. We always print on recycled paper.
Richard teaching about the Black-Eyed Susan flower in the Terra Flora Gardens
Richard teaching about the Black-Eyed Susan flower in the Terra Flora Gardens
  • Our bottles are always glass and our displays are made from recyclable cardboard, or handmade from  ecologically harvested wood with natural finishes.  We use plastic or synthetic materials only when there is no other reasonable alternative.
  • We tithe financial support to local, national and international environmental and social organizations. We also supply product donations to social programs throughout the world.
  • We are committed to ecological transportation strategies such as employee carpooling, a 4-day work-week, and consolidation of trips.
  • We strive to conserve electricity, water and paper wherever possible; and we actively recycle glass, paper, tin, cardboard and plastic.
  • We generate clean electrical energy from an extensive system of solar panels
  • We use only earth-friendly, non-chemical cleaners in our office and production spaces, eco-friendly lighting, and other sustainable measures.
Patricia teaching about the Chamomile flower in the Terra Flora Gardens
Patricia teaching about the Chamomile flower in the Terra Flora Gardens
  • We support right-livelihood with living wages and generous benefits for our FES staff.
  • We provide our staff with health benefits that allow flexibility for holistic health care.
  • We provide retirement savings benefits to our staff, by investing in socially conscious funds.
  • We are a small, locally-owned company and care about the people we encounter and the world we share.
  • We serve our local and regional community with opportunities to study in our educational gardens and utilize our retreat center.
  • We provide humanitarian aid with donations and collaboration in situations of natural and human-made disasters and serving other populations in need.
  • We respect our customers’ privacy by never selling or trade any of our customers’ personal information with any other organization or company; and mailings are limited to sales and announcements related to our work.
If you have any suggestions for additional practical ways we can walk lightly and help to renew this Earth – please let us know!
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