Arnica: Spirit-Sun Renews the Flow of Life

Arnica: Spirit-Sun Renews the Flow of Life

By Richard Katz

Arnica flower essence brings the warmth of light of our spiritual presence to revivify traumatized regions of body and psyche. The action of the flower essences is similar to the better-known homeopathic and herbal Arnica preparations, with more emphasis on making the connection with the integrity of our Spiritual Self. It follows on the theme of other Asteraceae (Composite Family) flower essences, such as Sunflower, Echinacea and Shasta Daisy, yet with a stronger connection to the flowing waters of life.

This past summer (2019) I prepared the essence of Arnica mollis in mountain meadows high in  California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Please enjoy my video portrait embedded below for more insight into how and where the Arnica grows as a further an understanding of its healing message.

We can contrast Arnica flower essence with Star of Bethlehem, Dr. Bach’s remedy for shock and trauma. Traditionally considered as a member of the Liliaceae (Lily Family), Star of Bethlehem has a soothing and comforting quality, connecting us to the celestial harmony expressed in its exquisite geometry of the hexagram, known as the “Star of David.” Think of the Star of Bethlehem as calming embrace of Heavenly Mother, while Arnica is the wake-up call of the Spirit Father to come back to Earth and re-own the traumatized body-soul.

We get many reports from body workers who use the Arnica essence topically. One acupuncturist reports that before starting treatment for someone suffering from pain, she takes a cotton ball with a few drops of Arnica essence, and moves it along a particular meridian, or applies to certain acupoints. For topical applications, we also offer an oil, Arnica Allay, made with infused Arnica chamissonis flowers from Terra Flora, plus Arnica and other flower essences plus essential oils. Learn more about Arnica Allay here. Other practitioners report good results from adding a few drops of Arnica essence to a jar of Self-Heal Creme to apply to disturbed areas of the body.

Arnica flower essence can bring more awareness to past psychological traumas.  A flower essence practitioner reported that her client was dealing with fear of death and illness, and Arnica helped her to address the emotional scarring from family deaths earlier in her life.

Arnica flower essence forms the high note in the Yarrow Environmental Solution, combined with other composite flowers to help us re-own the integrity of our energy body.

In the Post-Trauma Stabilizer Flourish Formula, Arnica flower essence is a key ingredient for re-integration after the disorienting effects of traumatic events. This formula is used extensively in the FES Disaster Relief donation programs.

You can find the FES Arnica flower essence here.

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  1. Laura

    I love seeing the plants and flowers in their environment—it does help us see the signature of the flower. Thank you for a lovely little vacation to your beautiful locale 🌞

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