Black Cohosh: Useful for Abusive Relationships

Black Cohosh: Useful for Abusive Relationships

Black Cohosh grows in the liminal spaces of our forest garden areas, requiring filtered light and cooling shade. Its beautiful white columns of flowers form a polarity to its dark gnarling root mass (the reason why this plant is also called Snakeroot). Black Cohosh flower essence is used for abusive relationships typically involving an entanglement of perpetrator and victim, caught in a magnetic spell of power or violence. Black Cohosh flower essence can help diffuse the psychic grip of such relationships. It is used most typically by the “victim,” thus neutralizing thepower of the perpetrator. Black Cohosh is frequently used for couples in long-term relationships and in human-animal relationships to overcome complex patterns of power and abuse, such as domestic violence. 

We received a report from a woman who was taking Black Cohosh flower essence to deal with the lingering effects of growing up in a verbally abusive environment. When faced with any type of confrontation, she would typically panic. She reported, “An irate, abusive customer came into the retail establishment where I was working as a temp. He was verbally abusive to the young manager, and I found myself stepping up to him (he towered over me, quite a large man) and quietly confronting him. I asked him to not be abusive to the young lady and that he was more likely to get cooperation if he was polite. He began to direct his abuse toward me but stopped mid sentence and looked at me oddly. Then he grumbled and left the store, My knees were shaking a bit, but I was astonished at what I had done! And it had worked!” She was able to break the spell, thanks to Black Cohosh, and the bully became powerless and left. 

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