Buttercup for Self-Esteem: Embracing Our Inner Light

Buttercup for Self-Esteem: Embracing Our Inner Light

The bright Buttercup is a wildflower of the early spring, when the air is cool and the fields are moist. This year in California, with abundant winter rains continuing into April, we found brilliant fields of buttercup. It is the essence that helps us to appreciate the worthiness of our own light.

Buttercup is an amphibian, moving from water into the air, and its botanical name Ranunculus means “little frog.” The Buttercup plant begins its journey in the watery meadow or streamside, but then reaches out for the light and air. This movement from water to light can be seen in the metamorphosis of its leaf shapes. The large, three-fold basal leaves reduce in size and simplify as they move toward the light, becoming just a tiny singular linear leaf just before the flower, and then a series of tiny green reflexed sepals. The leaf’s journey to the light culminates in the shiny yellow petals, small, but radiant, slightly concave (cup-like), with a burst of numerous stamens at the center.

The healing message of Buttercup is that it is safe to come out of the water (the collective consciousness) and to shine one’s individual light, no matter how seemingly insignificant it might be. As such, it is a quintessential children’s remedy, but it is also used widely by adults dealing with issues of self-esteem. It helps those who hide their light, and also those who feel they must be shine more brilliantly than everyone in order to be recognized.

For example, in Cuba, where flower essence therapy is part of the National Health Program, Buttercup was given to a student violinist who felt he was not up to the technical requirements of the Bach piece for which he was being evaluated. After taking the Buttercup essence his anguish was relieved and he was able to play the piece fluently. He received the highest score for his performance. (Read the full article on flower essences used with Cuban musicians here.)

One holistic health practitioner wrote us about her personal experience with Buttercup: “Buttercup has been one of my most favourite flower essences. My self-esteem is much better. I have learned to appreciate and love my inner light so much more. I am unique and have learned to enjoy this about myself. I am no longer ashamed of myself and could almost cry to think about how hard I was on myself and how far I have come.”

Buttercup essence is available here.

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