California Valerian in StressRest TerrAnoint Blend

California Valerian in StressRest TerrAnoint Blend

California Valerian is a close relative of the herbal valerian whose root is used as a nervine and sedative. The flower essence of this pure white, high altitude flower brings a spiritual awareness to create calm and equilibrium as we approach an uncertain future. We gain confidence by knowing who we are and from where we have come. Read more about California Valerian.

California Valerian is one of the key flower essences in the StressRest blend.

StressRest is a blend of flower essences and essential oils in a coconut oil base, part of our TerrAnoint™ line. We recently heard from a woman who said, “I carry it everywhere!” She had suffered a severe crippling injury several years ago, and commented, “Hospitals have a smell that stirs up my PTSD. It takes me back to the accident. Having something that calms me and replaces the initial olfactory stimulus is so incredibly powerful for me.”

The TerrAnoint™ topical blends work through the subtle pathways of both essences and essential oils, for topical application to pulse points and other energetic centers of the body. They are often used in tandem with oral dosages of flower essences to integrate mind-body healing. Patricia Kaminski created these master formulas based on decades of clinical experience with essential oils and flower essences.

Read more about StressRest.

StressRest TerrAnoint Roll-On

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View a video of California Valerian in its habitat in the Sierra Nevada mountains


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