Chamomile: Balancing The Forces of Air and Warmth

Chamomile: Balancing The Forces of Air and Warmth

by Patricia Kaminski

On these cold days of winter, our thoughts turn to warm sunny moments at Terra Flora, and visions of our most beloved blossoms.

One of our favorites is Chamomile – so prolific with flowers, and adored by both butterflies and bees, with its ethereal sweet scent wafting in warm light. A member of the Compositae or Asteraceae (Sunflower) family of plants, Chamomile is easy to recognize with its daisy-like white flowers and golden raised center. A seven year old visitor to our gardens summed up its most distinctive feature: “Mommy has me drink Chamomile tea when my tummy doesn’t feel good – and now I know why. Because the flowers all have little tummies.”

Indeed the bulging center of the Chamomile is its most significant signature. Inside its core is an intriguing air cavity, a warmed inner space. The Chamomile has a unique ability to “contain” the warmth and light of the sun, giving insight into its well-known herbal properties. When the digestive system is upset – either through external stress, or wrong food choices – the air and warmth elements are also disturbed, producing bloating or flatulence, and insufficient fire for digestion. It is no wonder that Chamomile tea, with its superior ability to contain and harness warmth and air forces, is universally recognized as an herbal tea for digestive upsets?

On the soul level, Chamomile flower essence addresses deeper imbalances in the air and warmth forces. It is especially indicated for the solar plexus, the core energetic center that regulates basic life emotions. Those who need this remedy have fluctuating emotional moods that are easily subject to environmental or social triggers. Small stresses are not able to be absorbed or regulated, instead they accumulate into ever large states of disharmony; resulting in symptoms such as insomnia, digestive disorders, emotional venting, excessive weeping or chronic anxiety. The chamomile flower essence re-instills a contained center of warmth and light, so that the soul learns how to gain greater mastery of an even-tempered “sunny” disposition.

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We are delighted to announce that the abundant goodness of Terra Flora Chamomile is available in a new product: Chamo-Mild Calm™ is now part of our FloraFusions™ line of alchemical artistry, featuring flower essences, essential oils and extracts of flowers, solar-infused in organic-certified olive oil. The traditional healing qualities of Chamomile are amplified to a whole new level in Chamo-Mild Calm™. In addition to the infused Chamomile flowers and the Chamomile essential oil, the botanical essential oils of Sandalwood and Lavender provide nerve healing; Frankincense and Cistus are restorative for breathing harmony; Spruce and Cedarwood bestow physical warmth and grounding; and Vanilla and Ylang Ylang impart mellow sweetness. The Chamomile flower essence provides emotional nurturing and equilibrium, assisted by Star of Bethlehem and Mariposa Lily; California Valerian, Lavender and Magnolia flower essences promote deep body relaxation; while Lilac and Sweet Alyssum uplift and purify the mental field; and Pink Angel’s Trumpet provides bodily release and connection with higher realms.

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