Chaparral: A Powerfully Cathartic Essence

Chaparral: A Powerfully Cathartic Essence

Chaparral is a powerfully cathartic flower essence for deep cleansing of the psyche, especially for disturbances manifest in dreams.

We have a remarkable report about Chaparral from a woman whose elderly father had experienced terrible nightmares and hallucinations, apparently triggered by media reports of the torture of prisoners. He was diagnosed with dementia, hospitalized, drugged with an anti-psychotic, and tied to his bed, barely able to speak. His daughter was told he would need to be in a lock-up nursing home for the rest of his life. She decided to try flower essences, and based on the indications in the FES Repertory, she started administering Chaparral and St. John’s Wort essences. Less than a week later, her father regained full consciousness. He no longer had hallucinations, and he asked what he is doing in the hospital. 

Left unsaid in the report is the possibility that the hallucinations and nightmares were a kind of sympathetic re-experiencing of the horrific fear and suffering of the tortured prisoners. Just as the Chaparral herb is a powerful antioxidant, blood cleanser and detox remedy, so the flower essence can act as a psychic detox.

Chaparral is prepared from Larrea tridentata, known as Creosote Bush, for the acrid aroma produced by its volatile oils. It grows prolifically in the deserts of the southwestern US and northern Mexico. Earlier this year we visited the desert after the abundant winter rains, and it was full of Creosote Bush in bloom. The plant is a real survivor, holding water in its waxy leaves through extensive dry periods, and it is extremely long lived. When the stems die back after several centuries, new ones grow from the periphery of the root crown. Eventually the plants grow apart at the root crowns, creating clone communities that can be thousands of years old. The yellow flowers appear in the spring following rains, cup-like when they first open, but the petals then become twisted, turned perpendicular to the plane of the flower, forming a propeller-like shape.

In order to survive the harshest desert heat and drought, potential predators and disease, the Creosote Bush has thus created vast apothecary of healing substances, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, detoxifying and anti-tumor. The same substances that give strength and longevity to this plant, also can lend their healing power as human medicine. 
These resins and oily substances, which produce the distinctive pungent aroma, also make the foliage unpalatable to most animals, and the tea can produce gagging in humans. This is because psychic force of this plant is so strong, as it works deeply into the gut where these negative energies have lodged. The spiral-twisting motion made by the flower petals after they are pollinated can be seen as a picture of the flower’s healing force to “unwind” noxious forces that have lodged in the psyche and the gut. The flower essence works on the level of the psyche, as a powerful detoxifier of negative emotions and psychic energies.

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