Choosing Flower Essences

Download Choosing Flower Essences pdf file

Flower Essence Services has made Patricia Kaminski's "Choosing Flower Essences" available as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat file which you can print out and and make your own assesments.


This questionnaire is meant to be a tool for healing and self-discovery. It is not meant to replace other methods of professional diagnosis for medical or psychiatric conditions, nor is it meant as a substitute for human-based counseling and other healing relationships. This guide contains profound, leading questions that convey deeper insight about each essence and its possible benefit. However you choose to use this resource, we hope that it may be a positive aid for you in learning the language of the flowers and in experiencing the incredible benefits of flower essence therapy.


You may want to print the questionnaire, or you can read online and write down the question numbers and A, S, or N for each. Answer A for "always", S for "sometimes", or N for "never" for each question. You may also find it useful to underline or note key phrases that you think describe you well. After completing the questionnaire you can grade your responses as follows:

If you've answered all of the questions relating to a particular flower essence with A, this is a high priority for you.

A combination of A's and S's indicates a strong possibility for you.

You may also find a situation in which you have only one A answer and nothing else for a group of questions, but that A feels so strong to you that you may want to consider making this flower essence a priority.

We generally recommend taking a maximum of five flower essences at once.

Remember that you don't need to solve every issue in your life simultaneously, and you may discover that once the larger issues are resolved the smaller ones may fade away.

The question numbers are correlated to essences in the Answer Key at the end of this Questionnaire.

Download Choosing Flower Essences pdf file

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