Practitioner Discount Program

The Practitioner Discount Program in partnership with the Flower Essence Society Research Program
We invite you to contribute to the ongoing research of flower essence therapy—

Flower Essence Services offers a discount on our products to qualified practitioners who are regularly helping clients on a professional basis. Due to the pioneering nature of these healing modalities, it is necessary to document empirical knowledge about the essences and oils; therefore, we ask in return that you help by contributing your experiences and observations to the research program of the Flower Essence Society.

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Once your online application has been approved, you are eligible to receive the Practitioner’s Discount on all orders. The discount is 20% off retail prices for all products, books, and supplies. The discount will be automatically applied when the order is invoiced in our office whenever you use our secure online ordering. Please note that the Practitioner Discount only applies to orders within the United States and Canada.

To be eligible, practitioners (licensed or unlicensed) must: 1. use flower essences or essential oils with their clients in a regular practice, 2. keep notes on use of the products in your healing practice, and 3. fill out the application form. We ask you to provide us with basic information about your practice so that our staff may contact you in the future for other research information. 4. reside in the US or Canada (to receive the practitioner discount), or in a country with no FES distributor. Practitioners who are Flower Essence Society members also have the option of becoming part of the FES Practitioner Referral Network, which receives referrals from those looking for flower essence practitioners in their local area.

Purchasing FES flower essences: If you are from another country and wish to purchase flower essences, we will refer your order to a local distributor if one exists in your country. Reporting your Research: The Flower Essence Society is a worldwide network, celebrating more than a quarter century of innovative research. Every contribution no matter how small or large is vital to the development of our work. While most research is conducted in the English language, we can make arrangements for translations into other languages. We can also provide this reporting form to you in another language, let us know your need. Further information is below. Joining Our Practitioner Network: We receive inquiries from those looking for practitioners throughout the world. We invite you to join our worldwide Practitioner Referral Network in the Flower Essence Society, so that we can inform others about your healing work. FES Website in Other Languages: The Flower Essence Society website has some of its rudimentary research available in other languages. If you are interested in helping us translate more research into other languages, please let us know.

FES is strongly committed to clinical documentation as a means of providing a solid empirical foundation for our work. For more than a quarter century, we have gathered careful records on practitioner use of the essences, with much of this information being cross-indexed in a specially designed computer database. Our goal for this coming decade is to broaden our documentation efforts by widening the circle of practitioners with whom we have active contact. Your participation in the Practitioner Research Program helps to build a professional, collective pool of knowledge about flower essences and related therapeutic phenomena. By objectively gathering data from a diverse number of practitioners, a full portrait of a single flower remedy gradually emerges. Furthermore, practitioners’ general notes and impressions provide valuable information about the role of flower essence therapy within broad-based wellness programs.

We request that you develop and maintain records for each client you see. This is a basic professional standard, and one which is vitally important in establishing the credibility of a new form of healing such as flower essence therapy. You will find that as you gather case study information on your clients, your files will become an important tool in the development of your practice, and in your understanding of the essences. For detailed information on recommended procedures for note taking, please visit the Case Study Guidelines page of the Flower Essence Society website. You may also be interested in viewing the class offerings for in-depth training in the therapeutic use of flower essences. Occasionally you may receive a written survey from FES designed to obtain information about how flower essences are used in your particular profession (i.e. veterinary medicine, chiropractic, nursing, etc.), or the surveys may be more general for a wide group of practitioners. Our staff may also set up telephone interviews with you for the same purposes. Meanwhile, please know that you are welcome at any time to submit cases, notes, or general impressions to our office. Many practitioners find that they are too busy to write; you can also consider sending us tapes, or setting up a phone interview with us. We are happy to call you at our expense to gather data from your practice. We urge you to stay in contact with us, as our busy schedule often keeps us from contacting as many practitioners as we would like. Please note that cases presented to us are considered strictly confidential; in fact, it is not necessary to include the names of your clients in your submissions to us. If we are interested in writing about one or more of your cases in any publications, we will first contact you for permission.

The Flower Essence Society is a clearinghouse for many questions and inquiries from the United States and Canada, and throughout the world. These questions come from persons seeking flower essence therapy for themselves, practitioners who are looking for colleagues or seeking local classes, students who may be engaged in research projects, and journalists who are investigating flower essence therapy. We invite you to become part of the FES Practitioner Referral Network, and receive referrals from inquiries directed to the Flower Essence Society. We give out referrals only for the specific geographic area, or area of interest noted. We also screen queries to eliminate purely commercial requests. To join the Referral Network, fill out the Practitioner Discount and Research program application, indicating your desire to join the network. You must also be a current Flower Essence Society Member ($25 per year). You can sign up online on the Flower Essence Society web site.

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Fill out the online practitioner application here. You will be contacted once your practitioner application has been approved.

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