For Retailers

Flower Essence Services products have a well-deserved reputation for quality and value. Many customers seek the FES products on recommendation of friends, colleagues or health practitioners.

If you represent a store, pharmacy, clinic, spa or any other type of retail outlet, and would be interested in carrying our products, you may fill out a wholesale application online.

If you are already established as a wholesale account, and wish to establish credit terms, please fill out and return this Business Credit Terms Agreement.

FES products are also available from the following natural products distributors:

All Natural Distributors
(full line of products)

Foxboro, Massachusetts


Lotus Light Enterprises
(full line of products)

Silver Lake, Wisconsin


Self Heal Herbal Centre
(Canadian distributor)

Edmonton, Alberta


Southern Herb
(full line of products)

Troutman, North Carolina



Threshold Enterprises
(full line of products)

Scotts Valley, California


(partial line)

Rocklin, California


UNFI Colorado
(partial line) 

Denver, Colorado


FES offers generous introductory packages for stores that wish to bring in any of the displays featured in the wholesale catalog.

Retailer Testimonials

  • The flower essences are becoming a focal point of our store. Customers are coming here for them. They find them easy to use. With your brochures and a copy of the Repertory on hand, they discover what they need very quickly.
    – Radiance Herbs
    Olympia, WA
  • Our customers find the FES essences uniquely vibrant and empowering, and useful in addressing an incredible range of modern concerns.
    – WSA Pharmacy
    Madison, WI
  • I work in a very busy health food store, so when I feel barraged by customers or when I and/or co-workers are feeling overwhelmed by our tasks, I use Yarrow Environmental Solution. When I know it will likely be a busy day with many customers or shipments arriving that have to be checked in, I will use it even before leaving home.

    In addition, there is much electronic pollution in the building due to computerized registers, etc., and some days I feel more sensitive to all of it. At those times, I use Yarrow Environmental Solution. I feel that it calms and settles my system. Sometimes I combine it with Five-Flower Formula. I carry both of these formulas with me all the time!
    – S. B.
    Appleton, WI
  • The flower essence display has significantly increased our sales. The FES essences have been selling very well for several years. Customers often return to tell us of the positive changes the essences have facilitated.
    – Health Unlimited
    Atlanta, GA