Dogwood: The Embodiment Of The Polarity Of Gravity And Levity

Dogwood: The Embodiment Of The Polarity Of Gravity And Levity

Terra Flora is blessed with the radiance of our native Pacific Dogwoods now in full bloom, reminding us of how the Dogwood flower essence nurtures grace and harmony in the body of one who has suffered abuse or other trauma.

Seeing the Pacific Dogwoods in bloom in the forest is like spying a flock of doves gliding through the trees. The grace and beauty of the petal-like white bracts contrast with the incredible density of the tough trunk and branches in the deep shade of a conifer forest. Unlike the tall and straight conifers or the muscular oaks, the Dogwood is a modest-sized tree, slow growing but with some longevity.

Not only the wood, but also the flowering and fruiting of the Dogwood embody density, as the small flowers are packed densely in a convex mound of closely packed small flowers and the small red fruits have hard stone centers. This earthen gesture of mineral-like solidity and densification, so full of gravity, is why the we feel so uplifted when we encounter the Dogwood in bloom, so full of light, in both senses of the word. The white bracts shimmer in the darkness of the forest understory, beneath the solemn evergreens. They are full of levity, seemingly ready to take wing at any moment. It is fitting that the ornithologists Audubon and Townsend are associated with its discovery and naming.

Dogwood embodies the polarity of gravity and levity, of what is heavy and dark, with what is light. Thus the healing gesture of the Dogwood is to bring upliftment and grace to someone who feels weighed down by gravity, by the hardness and density of life in the body. It is often indicated for people who have been abused, particularly if they have been beaten, and for those who are very awkward on their bodies and may be accident-prone. Such individuals have their life body (etheric body) compressed into their physical body. The Dogwood essence helps them to expand their life body, to give it flexibility so they can breath and flow gracefully in the world.

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