Echinacea Energetically Supports the Immune System

Echinacea Energetically Supports the Immune System

The Echinacea purpurea is a bright majestic presence in our high summer garden. Also known as purple coneflower, its cone-shaped flower head is visually striking, with its strong bristle-like structure, accompanied by soft magenta flowers. The amazing fortitude and cohesive organization of this plant is key to understanding its healing qualities. Echinacea is a native American herb long revered for its immune qualities in fighting infection, reducing inflammation and stimulating healthy lymphatic response.

The Echinacea flower essence is of remarkable benefit to the immune system, not by working directly on acute physical conditions as does the pharmaceutical herb, but rather stimulating the “I’ forces within the body-soul matrix. It is this cohering sense of Self that is at the heart of all immune function – able to discern and accept life-enhancing forces and to ward off destructive forces. Many aspects within modern society work against the core self identity, including post-traumatic stress, recreational drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, environmental toxins, over-use of vaccines and antibiotics, and various forms of disruptive technology. As a result modern society is overwhelmed with many baffling and devastating diseases that involve poor immune function, or auto-immune disorder.

For example, a practitioner who attended our Professional Seminar reported that Echinacea flower essence is a baseline remedy in her clinic. She uses if for helping patients with chronic illness learn to discern what supports their core immune function, when the process of recovery can be so overwhelming and dis-orienting. Many report Echinacea flower essence to have an immediate quickening and strengthening quality. For example this report just came into our office: “A friend of mine gave me a couple drops of Echinacea flower essence and it helped me instantly… it was so powerful I thought it might cost $50,000. That’s how much it’s helped me!” (Denise Dillon, Metairie, LA).

Echinacea is a fundamental part of Magenta Self-Healer, a uniquely formulated blend in our Flourish line. It taps into the revitalizing properties of several magenta flowers including Echinacea, Self-Heal, Sierra Primrose, Love Lies Bleeding and Pedicularis to stimulate self-healing potential and physical vitality. For more information see this link.

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