Composure and containment when
challenged by fear, anxiety or panic


I am a caregiver and patient advocate as well. I have one client who just HATES going to the hospital; he’s been there so many times and has had such difficult experiences. I’ve had to bring him to the emergency room twice. The first time he absolutely did not want to go and was ornery and uncooperative; when we arrived, it took four people to attend to him. The second time, while driving there, I said to him ‘Open your mouth,’ and I gave him two sprays of Fear-Less, and he calmed down instantly. We pulled into the hospital parking lot and he was totally cooperative. He had to stay in the hospital for four days; when it was time to leave, he just started dressing and walking out. The doctor needed to tell him about his discharge orders and medications, and he was getting irritable and cranky. Again, I said to him, ‘Open your mouth,’ and I gave him two sprays of Fear-Less, and he immediately asked the doctor, ‘Okay, what do you want me to do?’ He will be having open heart surgery next month and I am preparing by getting more of the formulas.
— M.W., Concord, NH

The Fear-Less was so profound for me… it somehow changed me so that even when I don't have it I know how to deal with fear differently- I see it come up and know how to step past it. — Janice Hall, Canton, GA

I had to go to the dentist yesterday – I'm sure it was the Fear-Less that got me to the appointment. I don't mind the pain at the dentist, it's getting over the fear of going that's the challenge. I used the Fear-Less all day before going to the dentist and put some in my water bottle – the result was almost immediate.

I have other clients that love this formula. One woman works for a big business that is in transition. She bought several bottles of Fear-Less and keeps one at her desk, one in her car and another with her.
— Allison Amick, Redwood City, CA

Over a period of 8 weeks one of my children woke up every Monday morning with a migraine headache and vomiting. I recently discovered Fear-Less at a local store. On Sunday evening I sprayed my son's wrists, head and in his mouth; it worked immediately. He awoke Monday morning feeling fine and took the Fear-Less again on Monday; he was well all day at school. After a few more applications, he is now using it regularly. This is so exciting for our whole family, to see him feeling better.
— Aimee Dixon, Laguna Beach, CA

Primary Indications:

* For any known condition that provokes fear or anxiety – such as public performance or travel

* For use during any natural disaster or personal calamity. Works well in tandem or alternation with Five-Flower Formula during the most intense and immediate episodes of panic and chaos. To deal with residual stress and ongoing symptoms, use Post-Trauma Stabilizer

* A beneficial remedy for those with a constitutional tendency toward fear, panic, anxiety, restless agitation or disturbed sleep accompanied by anxiety

* An excellent remedy for children who are confronting new performance-based challenges in school or community

* A good baseline formula for all animals who are prone to fear; or who exhibit nervous unease in certain situations

I use Fear-Less in my animal communication and hospice work with people and animals. I get into fear because everyone is emotional. It's not a panacea to change emotions that must be worked with, but it does work instantaneously. I am surprised to see so much fear in my life—but now I recognize it and take the opportunity to work with it. It doesn't stop me from working on my issues, but it just takes the fear away.
— S.S., Pebble Beach, CA

Our 16-year old son is now going through some emotional work, including fear issues. He is using the Fear-Less formula and finds it helps immediately. I'm beginning to see him start to venture out more. I really appreciate the work you do.
— S.M., practitioner, Portland, OR

The Fear-Less formula features:

Red Clover – For rampant states of panic or anxiety triggered by social or environmental stimuli. Works to calm the heart and to stabilize psychic receptor sites carried in the blood stream

Mountain Pride – A unique species of wild alpine Penstemon, to build strength and courage when confronting adversarial conditions


California Valerian – Providing a fortifying sheath for the nerves during times of excessive agitation and chaos

Oregon Grape – To counteract overly-guarded or paranoid states of consciousness; promoting a calm center of objective awareness

Mimulus – Tendency to withdraw or compromise one’s activity due to fear and anxiety; ability to take risks and learn from demanding situations

Rock Rose – Terror or extreme fright; the need for positive grounding and internal anchoring in time of stress or turmoil

Green Rose – Nourishing for the heart in times of turbulence; helps to counteract fear with positive forces of compassion and connection to one’s environment


Essential Oils: Bergamot, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Cistus

Text by Patricia Kaminski, Photos by Richard Katz

I recently bought Fear-Less for my 13-year old daughter. She often gets nervous in the morning when she has to get on the bus to school. Although it's not a dramatic change, it seems that a couple of sprays takes the edge off. Now if my daughter feels nervous, she asks if she may have a couple of sprays of the Fear-Less. 

We also have a very tightly wound, nervous Australian Shepard who is 4-years old. She has difficulty sleeping, paces the floor and pants. If anything changes in our family schedule, our dog can hardly handle it. Although I bought the Fear-Less for my daughter, I decided to try it with our dog as well. After 3 nights of trial, she is finally relaxing and resting at night. It's amazing.
— C.W.

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