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Magenta Self-Healer 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

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Magenta blossoms to encourage self-healing potential and physical vitality

Primary Indications:
* As a foundational remedy in any wellness program; helping the body-soul to move toward a deeper level of health
* For recovery from any major illness or surgery, to access deeper reserves of self-healing capacity
* When healing progress for any trauma or illness seems stagnant; helping to boost immune forces by stimulating greater body-soul integration
* For deeper insight into any illness or trauma, moving beyond materialistic causes to deeper soul-spiritual realization
* To help children bolster immune forces during key developmental stages, growth curves or typical childhood illnesses
* For animals who need to access sustained healing forces during illness or after surgery or other trauma

Helichrysum essential oil; flower essences of Self-Heal, Sierra Primrose, Echinacea, Pedicularis, and Love-Lies-Bleeding

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