Five-Flower Formula™

Dr. Bach’s remedy for stress and trauma


An Overview of the Five-Flower Formula™
written by Patricia Kaminski

Five-Flower Formula

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A combination of five English flower essences first developed by Dr. Edward Bach, promoting calm and balance in diverse situations of stress, emergency, and trauma.

The Five-Flower Formula™ is praised throughout the world by health practitioners and lay persons. The formula of five different flower essences — Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem — was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s through his own practice and observation. Over the years it has come to be regarded as a “rescue” combination for its remarkable ability to address emergency and crisis conditions.

Prepared in rural England by renowned teacher and naturalist, Julian Barnard of Healingherbs, Ltd., the formula is made according to the original directions of Dr. Bach. True to Bach’s original intentions, it is not prepared or labeled as a homeopathic remedy, and it is Biodynamic and organic.

I have been using Five-Flower Formula for 10 years and I give it five stars. It is a life saver and I recommend it to everybody! I shared Five-Flower Formula with my husband and saw dramatic results. He is terrified of going to the dentist — he will literally jump out of the chair! My husband tried Five-Flower Formula three days before a dental visit and reported feeling calmer and less stressed about his appointment. Thanks to Five-Flower Formula, he was able to go to the dentist without any problems. 
— Joy Fisher, Fairfield, CA

I have Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and phobias, and have been using Five-Flower Formula regularly for 4 years. It really works wonders; I have been able to stay off medications!

I discovered Five-Flower one day when I had to drive across the Ohio River; I was filled with fear and stress and could not cross over. I stopped at a nearby herb shop, was shaking, and a woman sat me down and put some drops in my mouth. After that, I was able to drive across the bridge with no problem. Later, I went back to the store to find out what it was she had given me, and I have been taking the formula ever since.

My doctor approved saying that there was no harm in trying it. I have tried taking medications, they didn’t work, and I had many side effects. Now I take the Five-Flower Formula and it’s great; it’s safe and has no side effects. I use it when I am stressed, and then my blood pressure goes down. Also, I used to have a great fear of flying, but I have to fly, and I would be trembling each time I had to get on a plane. Now I take 3 drops of the Five-Flower Formula and I am just fine. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!
— Betty Harrigan, Cincinnati, OH




Indications for Use

How to



Scientific study by the Flower Essence Society

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In my opinion, the Five-Flower Formula™packs more ‘punch’ and acts more immediately than Rescue Remedy®.
— Dr. Jonathan Curzon, DC,
Curzon Chiropractic Clinic, Perkasie, PA

We use Five Flower Formula for EVERYTHING here! We put a few drops on sore muscles and rub it in and the pain and soreness is gone within minutes. I have clients who use it when trimming finger and toenails and have found it prevents ingrown nails like nothing else. It also works to remove the pain of insect bites and stings. I have one patient who had an ingrown hair on his head for a long time, and his wife rubbed three drops into the irritated skin and by morning it was gone. The Five Flower Formula is quite incredible.

— Dr. S., D.C., MO

I wanted to comment on my use of the Five-Flower Formula: I was diagnosed with Rapid Cycling Bi-Polar Disorder two years ago. I refused to use drugs and in turn, went to a naturalist who suggested this formula. I disagree with your website’s comment about using it only for shock and trauma; this formula has balanced my life after many years of struggling. I can focus, sleep, and I feel some sort of normalcy after many years on a roller coaster. I am thankful for this product, as is my family.
— A.B., Comstock Park, MI

At a recent health conference, we did kinesiology testing at our booth. We decided to test people to see the difference in how people respond to Bach's Rescue Remedy vs. the Healingherbs Five-Flower Formula. Wow, I could not believe the difference in people's response. I had frequently heard that the Five-Flower Formula was more powerful for emotional healing and now we can see it by testing people!
— Susana Bastarrica, New York, NY

I take a 1/2 dropper-full of Five-Flower Formula about 1/2 hour before I go to the dentist, and then I feel calm and don't 'freak out.'

I also use it for my dog when we travel. I put it on his head and ears and it helps him remain calm.
— Ada Koepnick, Twin Falls, ID

The following is a brief look at each of the five flowers which comprise this remedy:

Rock Rose

Helianthemum nummularium

The botanical name of this plant derives from Helios, the Greek God of the Sun. It is an apt name for this bright yellow flower, which grows as a low spreading shrubby plant in dry, rocky soils. The yellow flowers of the Rock Rose evoke a strong force of solar light which literally comes right into the “rocks” of the earth. It is used for extreme conditions of terror or fear. Its role within the Five-Flower Formula is to bring stabilization and calm, particularly by helping to anchor light, or an inner force of sun-radiance, that darkens during extreme states of fear or panic.


Clematis vitalba

This woody perennial grows as a twisting vine, producing creamy white flowers and silver-white feathery seed heads. This plant exudes a quality of dreamy, “other-worldliness”, and is indicated for an amorphous states of awareness lacking in clarity and fully awake consciousness. The Clematis helps to draw one’s consciousness back into the body and into present time during episodes of extreme stress.


Impatiens glandulifera

This special species of Impatiens is native to the Himalayas and differs considerably from common nursery varieties. The mauve and magenta flowers are deeply invaginated; in fact the five petals are fused to form a “helmet”. In contrast to the flower, the seed pods are fat, pointed, and explode and scatter with considerable force. The Impatiens prefers damp, shady conditions and especially likes to grow along streams. This plant integrates force and vitality with containment and interiorization. As its old folk name of Impatiens suggests, it is used to balance and soothe those who suffer from intense irritability, impulsivity, or hastiness. The Impatiens flower helps us to “breathe with” time, rather than to fight it. It is used in the Five Flower Formula to retain calm and reduce reactivity to outer circumstances.

Cherry Plum

Prunus cerasifera

The Cherry Plum is a member of an impressive family of plants called the Rosaceae, comprised of roses, berries, related shrubs, and many fruit-bearing trees. All members of this plant family are distinguished by intense earth forces, and the Cherry Plum is no exception. It grows to the height of a small tree, with a ragged head and many suckers, and sometimes has thorns. By contrast, the flowers are pure white with pink tinges and yellow stamens, and a most delicate aroma. The Cherry Plum is beneficial for states of extreme tension, characterized by a fear of losing control. This over-straining and tightening of one’s “psychic grip” on reality creates profound stress. The pure white flowers of the Cherry Plum bring a sense of inner peace and stillness, easing the contraction felt in the body and mind during times of panic and emergency.

Star Of Bethlehem

Ornithogalum umbellatum

This six-pointed star-like flower is the crowning touch of the Five-Flower Formula. A member of the lily family of plants, this small flower shines with pure whiteness and perfect geometry. It imparts a deep spiritual equilibrium, in which all the parts of the Self are in perfect harmony. The Star of Bethlehem helps us to regain deep composure, to remember again who we really are, and to act from the knowledge of our divine and sacred Self. Any crisis or experience of suffering — no matter how devastating — is an opportunity for mastering the trials of life. Star of Bethlehem points us to a deeper sense of acceptance and understanding of our experience from a spiritual perspective.

The Five-Flower Formula is excellent; I have used this on someone who had a car accident, not really hurt, just badly shaken and was shaking. I rubbed this on his lips and there were immediate results. I have used many of the Healingherbs remedies for my family and friends and they ALWAYS work without fail. Healingherbs and the Five-Flower Formula should be in every household; they are just absolutely marvelous! 
— Valerie Stonebanks, UK




Five-Flower Formula: Indications for Use


Emergency or Crisis — Calms mental levels of pain, suffering, and confusion – use for the person who is suffering as well as those who are helping.

Recovery from Trauma — Promotes recovery from trauma, injury or illness, by relieving stress, anxiety and tension.

Baseline Remedy for All Healing — Stabilizes and calms the mind-body interface, before addressing specific emotions and behavior patterns.

Calms Children — Use after household accidents, falls, scrapes, or burns, used along with appropriate physical care.

Aids Animals — To pacify wild or trapped animals, or to help any injured or stressed pet, or when transporting any animal.

Plant Protection — Use whenever transplanting to reduce shock, or in vases of cut flowers.

Prevention — Use before known stressful situations such as visits to the dentist, preparation for surgery, labor and delivery, travel or moving.

Post-Trauma — Use for post-traumatic stress of any kind, including surgery, war, rape, natural disaster, or loss of one’s loved ones or home.




Practical Suggestions for Use

Storage and Access

It is important that you store Five Flower Formula in several places for immediate access during emergencies: purse or briefcase, glove compar™ent of each vehicle, medicine chest, bathrooms, and kitchen. Five Flower Formula is sold at the level of stock concentration. The stock level will keep indefinitely. It is best to store it at this level so that it will be potent for immediate use in emergency situations.


Stock concentrate can be taken directly under the tongue, or applied to pulse points. The stock concentrate can also be diluted in a spoonful of water, or several drops can be put in a half-glass of water and sipped slowly. 10 drops of stock can also be added to a 4 oz misting bottle filled with fresh spring water. A dosage bottle can be made by adding 2-3 drops of stock to a one-ounce bottle filled with fresh spring water and preserved with one tablespoon of brandy.

Emergency Administration

If you are assisting someone who is unable to drink, you can rub some of the concentrate on the lips and on the pulse points of the body. Alternatively, you can spray or mist the formula on the lips and over the whole body.

Topical application

The Five-Flower Formula is very effective when applied topically in a cream base. Use a neutral cream which is easily absorbed. (Wide mouthed jars of FES Self-Heal Creme™ are designed for such use.) Add 10 drops of Five-Flower Formula per ounce (20 drops for 2-ounce / 60 gram jar). Stir clockwise and counter-clockwise for about one minute. This creme is highly beneficial for many emergency situations and can be made and stored along with the concentrate for future emergency use, or it can be made as needed for situations which arise.

Five-Flower Formula for Animals

Stock concentrate needs to be diluted into water for very small animals such as birds. One of the most effective applications is misting the formula on the mouth and on other parts of the body. The formula can be added to the drinking water, provided a fresh batch is made once or twice a day (the remedy will lose potency when exposed to air for several hours).

Five-Flower Formula for Plants

Add 10-15 drops of stock concentrate to a large water can and water after transplanting. Add proportionately more to a large backpack sprayer dedicated to vibrational remedies and spray around the entire periphery of the plant or community of plants needing help. Add 1-6 drops of concentrate (depending on the size of the vase) to the water for fresh cut flowers.

Intended Use

Five-Flower Formula is not a substitute for qualified emergency care or medical or psychiatric intervention. For example, it can be used to help someone who is injured and is en route to the hospital, but it does not replace appropriate medical care or examination following any major injury or accident. Similarly the Five-Flower Formula may be very helpful in alleviating acute emotional stress following a devastating experience, but it not intended to replace other forms of metal health counseling and care.

Herbal Supplement Status

Five-Flower Formula is a herbal supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product and the statements made in this brochure have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Counter-Indications for Use
of Five-Flower Formula

While Five-Flower Formula has a broad spectrum of uses with outstanding and remarkable results, it should be clearly noted that its application is of a short-term, emergency, or crisis nature. If this formula is used on a frequent or daily basis to simply "numb" one's experience of life challenges or conflicts, its effectiveness will be greatly reduced, if not completely absent.

Five-Flower Formula should never be used as a substitute for qualified emergency care or medical or psychiatric intervention. For example, it would be used appropriately en route to a hospital to help someone that had taken a fall and was perhaps lapsing into unconsciousness. But it should never be considered a substitute for medical care or examination following any major injury or accident.

Similarly, Five-Flower Formula may be very helpful in alleviating the immediate emotional stress and tension following a devastating experience, but in situations which have strongly impacted the psyche other forms of counseling and care are also indicated. Other remedies and combinations are far more suited to the actual therapeutic emotional work, which is the hallmark of in-depth flower essence therapy.


Customer Comments:

Read more testimonials here

Calms fear for pregnant woman
“Last year my daughter was pregnant; at her 20-week ultrasound they scared her terribly by saying that they possibly saw Chromosome-18 which could indicate either the baby dying in utero or being born with a severe disability. My daughter had already come through a previous still-birth as well as a miscarriage, so calming her down was essential.  I gave her my Five-Flower Formula to use and never heard from her about it again. She gave birth to a healthy, perfect child who is now 6 months old. I spoke with my daughter recently, and asked if she ever tried the Five-Flower Formula and she said, 'oh yes, I did use it and it helped to calm me quite a lot.'  She is still somewhat nervous, so I'm sending her two bottles for her birthday. The spray seems to work best for her and she applies it to her wrists.”
Margot Murray, Reno, Nevada

Calms animals 
“I used Five-Flower Formula to calm a cat who was having seizures. Three drops under the tongue at onset of the seizure and Five-Flower Formula made the symptoms disappear right away.”
Judy Anderson, La Porte, Texas

Revitalized Plants  
“We recently transplanted our green beans …. A few days later, we got hit with a late-winter storm; high winds, hail, sleet, low temperatures. I filled a 26-oz plastic spray bottle with tap water and added 2-3 droppersful of the Five-Flower Formula and gave the beans a good shower… within two days the beans were back up, healthy and growing again!”
Nancy O’Brien , Virginia Beach, Virginia

Stopped a Child’s Tantrum 
“I was working one day in my herb store when my three year old daughter decided to throw a temper tantrum. Casually, with my customers watching, I placed a couple of drops of Five Flower Formula into the palm of my hands and rubbed this on the top of my daughter’s head. Instantly, my daughter wanted to be picked up and she laid her head down on my shoulder without uttering a word. Her tantrum stopped immediately.”
Lynda Baker, Long Beach, Mississippi

Better Results with Five-Flower Formula™ 
“I had one customer tell me that she switched from Rescue Remedy® to Five-Flower Formula™. She believed that the Rescue Remedy® had stopped working, and she said that she got great results from Five-Flower Formula™. I think that this is probably due to the positive energy that goes into the whole FES line.”
J.D., Wild Oats, Fort Collins, CO

Lower Price 
“I have used Rescue Remedy® in the past. I tried Five-Flower Formula™ and, in my opinion, it works more quickly. I love the lower price."
Marsha Wicklund, Santa Maria, CA

More Potent 
“Recently, I brought your line into our store, and tried the Five Formula™. It seems to me to be more potent than the Rescue Remedy®. My customers tell me that they have noticed the same thing.”
Karen, Bumble Bee Health Foods, Mountain View, California

Better Quality 
“My patients and my customers are of the opinion that the Five-Flower Formula™ is a better quality essence than the Bach Rescue Remedy®. They tell me that they get better and quicker results.”
Rebecca Dawn, New Dawn Wellness, Kodiak, Alaska

Rescue Remedy® is a trademark of Bach Flower Remedies, Ltd.

Healingherbs™ are Genuine Bach Remedies
“Julian Barnard has been a close friend and colleague of mine for over seventeen years. He has devoted his life to studying and teaching about the work of Edward Bach. The Healingherbs™ are genuine Bach remedies, prepared according to the original methods.... These essences are prepared with great care, love, and integrity to ensure perfection through simplicity, and to achieve the miracle of Nature’s Healing, which is everyone’s birthright. The Healingherbs are my own personal choice, and I wholeheartedly give them my recommendation and support.”
The late Nickie Murray, former director of the Bach Centre in England

Helps with Traumatic Situations 
“My primary focus as a counselor is to help women who have experienced domestic violence, rape, or sexual abuse. I find the Five-Flower Formula to be an invaluable beginning point in the therapeutic journey.” C.S., New York, NY

Calms Babies 
“A baby was wailing and crying in my store…. I asked the mother if I could try Five-Flower Formula on the baby… I rubbed drops from the stock bottle on the soles of the baby’s feet and also a bit on the crown. Within a minute or two the baby calmed right down, even cooing! Needless to say, this impromptu demonstration became an instant selling tool!”
Joan D’arcy, Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces, Portland, Oregon

Soothes Terrified Animals 
“I have used the Five-Flower Formula with great success with an abused cat who had an absolute terror of car trips. He went from being an absolutely terrified screaming cat to almost completely calm within 30 seconds of administration. I've also used Five-Flower Formula in many tragic situations (deaths, etc) and noted a profound grounding and centering effect on myself and others.”
S. Hasler, co-owner, Living Earth Herbs, Eugene, OR

Stabilizes Animals During Travel 
“I have raised and sold puppies for 25 years. I have tried all sorts of remedies for motion sickness with puppies. I have never seen anything help with motion sickness like Five-Flower Formula. I recently purchased a few puppies in Sacramento, and flew them back home to Illinois. This was a 4-1/2 hour plane ride. Not one of the puppies experienced nausea. It worked wonderfully. All they did was sleep all the way through the flight. Amazing.”
Kelly Levon, Wauconda, Illinois

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Calms cats on drive across country

Life-affirming results for a mare and her colt

Calms horses & other animals

Alleviates emotional upset

Speeds surgical recovery

Calms babies

Stabilizes animals during travel

Revitalizes plants

Alleviates seizures

Calms violence in animals

Greyhound dog helped by switching
from Rescue Remedy to Five-Flower Formula


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