Flower Essence Society

The same experts who create the essences for Flower Essence Services are also the teachers of the Flower Essence Society classes.The following topics are related to the Flower Essence Society:

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  • Flower Essence Society case study forms to document your clinical cases.
  • the research done by the Flower Essence Society on the Five-Flower Formula.
  • Terra Flora, the headquarters for both Flower Essence Services and the Flower Essence Society, which is located on 17 tree-studded acres in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada mountains, and is a wildflower preserve and garden sanctuary for many of the plant species in our flower essence repertory.
  • becoming a member of the Flower Essence Society.
  • Asking questions — The Flower Essence Society is a clearinghouse for many questions and inquiries from the United States and Canada, and throughout the world. These questions come from persons seeking flower essence therapy for themselves, practitioners who are looking for colleagues or seeking local classes, students who may be engaged in research projects, and journalists who are investigating flower essence therapy.

The flower essence society site, www.flowersociety.org, contains more information.

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