Garlic: strengthening against anxiety & fear

Garlic: strengthening against anxiety & fear

Garlic is a powerful and ancient herb, known for fighting infection and building vitality on the physical level and for its purging and protective qualities against malevolent energies and entities. The garlic flower essence works in a similar way to strengthen us against inner demons of anxiety and fear.

For example, an adolescent girl suffered from extreme sensitivity, low tolerances for stress, excessive light, heat or sound. She often had migraines and then developed seizures. She often felt surrounded by malevolent entities, and would hear discarnate voices, especially at night. She had dreams of being shot in the head. Garlic was one of the key flower essences used in her therapy, and it helped her to feel more in possession of herself and to have calmer dreams, as she continued to work with her sensitivity.

Garlic is blooming now in the Terra Flora gardens, and it is quite an unusual inflorescence, globular except for the its “cap” with a long spike, which opens to one side.

Most garlics reproduce vegetatively by separating and planting the cloves, or even planting the bulbils that grow on top of the stalk (scape) of the hard-neck varieties. Only the ancient species from Central Asia, where garlic is thought to originate, have flowers that are fertile. Most garlic flowers are infertile, we are told.

However, it appears no one told this to our bees, who are all over these supposed infertile garlic flowers at Terra Flora, lovingly gathering pollen. Still, we can see that with its dense bulbils (tiny bulbs) at the center of the globular inflorescence, and its fiery garlic aroma, the garlic flower is something of an echo of the earthy part of the plant, rather than the airy and cosmic blossom found with most plants.

Garlic is rich in sulfur compounds that characterize its stimulating flavor. When made as a flower essence, Garlic brings transformative sulfur-like fire deep into the metabolism, imparting strengthening and purifying qualities to the human body-soul matrix.

The qualities of Garlic essence are beautifully captured in these affirmations by Patricia Kaminski:

I summon courage to face the inner demon of fear.
I bring positive, life-filled willing to my actions.
I stand confidently to meet the World.

Garlic flower essence is available here.

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