Gorse: A Remedy For Hopelessness

Gorse: A Remedy For Hopelessness

Gorse (Ulex europaeus) is a remarkable plant. While it comes to its fullest bloom in early spring, it is capable of unfolding its radiant yellow blossoms even in the depths of winter’s gloom. This strong and resilient quality is reflected in its sun-bright color, and also its structure; featuring sharp, thorn-like spines growing amidst its branches right into the flowering region. A member of the legume/ Fabaceae family, Gorse has bi-lateral “pea shaped” blossoms, and tenacious roots. Like other legumes, Gorse helps catalyze nitrogen from the upper atmosphere – with a special ability to bring fertility and vitality to otherwise isolated and barren places where other vegetation cannot flourish.

These penetrating, fierce qualities of Gorse help us understand why it is a remedy for hopelessness. As Dr. Bach wrote: “Gorse is for those who have suffered much and whose courage, as it were, has failed. … People who need Gorse are generally sallow and rather darkish in complexion, often with dark lines beneath the eyes. They look as though they needed more sunshine in their lives to drive away the clouds.”

Flower essence practitioner Ken Cohen reported a typical case to the Flower Essence Society, “A friend had a severe case of cancer. Within several days of taking Gorse essence, all feelings of hopelessness were eliminated.”

Gorse is certainly one of the very important flower essences for our times, when many are beset with seemingly overwhelming odds. This can include those who have received or are currently suffering a devastating medical diagnosis, or otherwise besieged with personal tragedy and loss. Gorse is closely related to its botanical cousin, Scotch Broom. However, Gorse is used for profound personal states of despair or feelings of self-defeat. By contrast, Scotch Broom is indicated for feelings of pessimism and depression regarding one larger matrix identity of community, nation, or a world-wide situation. Both flower essences can certainly also be used together.

The affirmation by Patricia Kaminski captures the healing dynamics of the Gorse flower essence:

I trust in a Higher Providence.
I remain hopeful despite tragedy or difficulty.
I have Faith in the right working of Destiny.
This tenacity gives roots to my Soul.

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