Green Cross Gentian for Hope & Resolve to Serve as a Healing Force in the World

Green Cross Gentian for Hope & Resolve to Serve as a Healing Force in the World

by Richard Katz

World events tempt us to feelings of overwhelming despair for the condition of humanity and of the Earth herself. The Green Cross Gentian flower essence can fortify us with hope and a resolve to serve as a healing force in the world.

A colleague working with refugees in Europe recently reported to us, “Sometimes the enormity of what is faced now in Europe is overwhelming… Sometimes, when one witnesses cruelty and hatred on all sides, one loses faith in humanity itself. When I feel this way I reach for Green Cross Gentian and I feel hope rising again in my heart. From this hope comes new courage to transcend the old fears and barriers.”

The Green Gentian is a relative of the plant Dr. Bach used for his Gentian flower essence, for cultivating strength and perseverance for those who face personal setbacks in their lives. Unlike the diminutive Gentian of the English fields, the Green Gentian (also known as Monument Plant) is a magnificent, towering plant up to 6 feet (2 meters) in height and found in the high elevations of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Its greenish flowers are four-petaled in the shape of a cross, hence the name of the flower essence. Green Cross Gentian brings spiritual forces from above into the cross of the earth, the four directions. It gives us the fortitude to overcome defeatism and take on the suffering of humanity, the suffering of the Earth, and carry it out of a feeling of service and noble sacrifice.

Green Cross Gentian essence is part of the FES Post-Trauma Stabilizer formula, used to aid victims of natural and man-made disasters.  It is also one of several green flowers in the Grounding Green formula to bring us in greater alignment with the healing forces of the earth, and to develop our own forces of healing and compassion for the Earth herself.

Please read this post by a Brazilian practitioner on the theme of “Planet Earth, my home,” which invokes the use of the green flowers. 

Green Cross Gentian essence is part of the Range of Light set of flower essences.

Let us not let fear of violence and despair for the fate of the Earth lead us to defeat. Rather, let us take up the inspiration of Green Cross Gentian as expressed so eloquently in these affirmations by Patricia Kaminski:

I have Faith for the future of Earth and all her peoples.
I send healing to the Four Directions of Earth’s Body.
I carry the Cross of Earth despite change and challenge.
My love for Earth and all humanity fills me with Spirit-Force.

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