Grounding Green and Roots Comparison

What is the difference between Grounding Green (FES Flourish Formula spray bottle) and Roots TerrAnoints roll-on oil blend?

by Patricia Kaminski

Comparison of modes of application

First of all, the two have different modes of  application. As other FES Flourish Formulas, Grounding Green is a blend of flower essences and small amounts of food-grade essential oils, in a grape alcohol and water base. The Grounding Green spray is considered as an herbal supplement, and it can be taken internally.This is the most common manner of use, by spraying several times into the mouth. It can also be misted topically around the body, or applied to energy centers. In this last manner of use, it would then be similar to the TerrAnoints oils.

By contrast TerrAnoints oil blends such as Roots are designed exclusively as roll-on applications for the pulse points or other energy centers of the body. They are not to be taken internally. TerrAnoints are blends of flower essences and essential oils in a fractionated coconut oil base. FES research has revealed that many people benefit by more than one modality of use. For example, two modalities can be used in tandem, each providing a different stimulus.  Therefore, in addition standard oral doses of flower essences, topical applications of flower essences combined with essential oils can help to support or further amplify one’s healing program.

Furthermore, the TerrAnoints formulas are very helpful for those new to flower essence therapy, or those who may be compromised in oral use of medications – i.e., those allergic to alcohol, those who are on various medications that overwhelm the oral pathway of administration, or those who need a more discreet or convenient method of application while at work or school, rather than the typical oral dosage.

Formula differences and distinctions

Because Grounding Green and Roots have key differences in their formulas and qualities, they can certainly be used solo. Likewise they can be used in tandem to amplify the over-all healing outcomes shared by both formulas. They can be used simultaneously, or in alternating time sequences, such as morning and evening.

Grounding Green Formula

1 oz spray bottle of Grounding Green

Flower essences: exclusively based on green flowers that work in general on the ability of the heart to feel and recognize the living qualities of the earth. Also the essential oils in this formula are only from the conifer family (evergreen trees):

Green Rein Orchid – Facilitating consciousness for the life force pulsating throughout the living being of Earth
Green Bells of Ireland – Catalyzing awareness for the elemental matrix (earth, air, fire, water) and its manifestation in the human body and soul; ability to receive and radiate elemental qualities through one’s physical presence
Lady’s Mantle – Alignment with the living dew mantle (hydrosphere) of the Earth; ability to bring magnetic living “green“ forces through one’s heart and hands; alchemical healing which ignites body and soul with life force and higher consciousness
Green Rose – The expansion of heart consciousness to include all living beings; transcending fear, mistrust and defensive barriers, toward greater insight and compassion
Green Cross Gentian – Ability to perceive the spiritual identity of the earth through alignment with its elemental body (four elements/seasons/directions); commitment to carry the cross of the living Earth despite hardships or setbacks
Green Nicotiana – Helping the heart-lung forces to breathe in relationship with the Earth; transcending hardening forces within modern technology and warfare that create barriers to the breathing heart of the Earth

Essential oils: Silver Fir, Sitka Spruce, and Cedarwood impart warming, grounding and nourishing forces from those trees than maintain their green mantle throughout the year.

Roots TerrAnoint blend

Roots works more on how the sense life can become more clarified and connected to life force, and how that life force is activated by energies flowing through the lower chakras, then received by the earth, and channeled upward again, in a constant flow of life. The Roots formula helps one learn to identify and embrace the ground of life-being as the foundation of health and happiness. It fosters a homing instinct in the deepest core of Self, helping us dive deeper into the foundations of how we eat, live, dwell, work—in essence, how to awake and how to partake in one’s primal Home of Body and Earth.

Therefore, the flower essences are very different:

Sweet Pea, Rock Fringe, Corn and Madrone – Nurturing the homing instinct in body and soul, bringing greater consciousness for what enlivens and strengthens and connects us to life force

Blackberry, Indian Paintbrush, Columbine and Red Penstemon – Ability to access life forces and let them flow through the body into practical deeds and healthy manifestation; physical roots that surge into shoots

Cassiope and Sierra Primrose – Joy and gratitude as the engendering foundation of life force – the ability to identify, give thanks and feel immersion within the Living-Matrix that replenishes and regenerates physical and soul life on Earth

The essential oils have some similarities (some of the conifer tree oils) as well as distinctions:

Silver Fir, Pine, Cedarwood, Juniper, Sitka Spruce and Larch – The Ever-Green essence of the conifer tree oils, to impart Earth’s life force, the roots of relationship with the Earth

Cinnamon, Vetiver and Sandalwood – Providing physical warmth and grounded connection from body to soul

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