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I've been using the FES remedies for about three years and find them to work especially well. I've found that the Iris remedy seems to have a calming and centering effect on most people. It also seems to help clients calm their minds and connect with their authentic selves.

— Romina Hoda, Myrtle Beach, SC

FES has pioneered the development of the FES Quintessentials North American flower essences, whose qualities are corroborated by extensive clinical feedback from health practitioners throughout the world.

To the left: Yarrow Environmental Solutioncombination for strengthening and protecting against environmental challenges

We also represent the Healingherbs English Flower Essences, prepared by Julian Barnard of England, according to the original indications of Dr. Edward Bach, and made from the same flowers used by Dr. Bach.

To the right: Five-Flower FormulaDr. Bach's combination for stress & trauma, offered by the Healingherbs line

“Flower essences have revitalized my healing practice. ...”
Read more from Jennifer Wood, L.Ac., Chatham, MA

“So many people want the dynamic action of techniques that
feel powerful in the moment...”

Read more from Jyothi Rundel - practitioner, Oregon
“I think flower essence therapy fills a need that has mostly gone unmet...”
Read more from Shaina Cohen - Seattle, Washington


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