Indian Pink: An Essence Both Centering & Radiating

Indian Pink: An Essence Both Centering & Radiating

Indian Pink (Silene californica) is a fascinating native wildflower we enjoy visiting every year in the forested edges approaching the Yuba River.

When initially contemplating the energetic signature of the Indian Pink, one feels an enigmatic question: is this flower taking me into its center, or is it radiating outward into the periphery? The answer is a remarkable synthesis of both aspects. At its center is a deep green hollow tube, with a rhythmical arrangement of the leaves along its strong central vertical axis. Equally striking when observed from the horizontal plane, the flower radiates outward in all directions with pinked ( this word refers to its jagged edges) flowers flaming in bright red. Looking at the side view of the Indian Pink flower, one is reminded of a spinning top, radiating with intense circular movement, while the center remains completely still. 

The Indian Pink flower essence enables us to mediate between these two polarities, maintaining a contained center of inner stillness, even as we encounter the stress and accelerated pace of modern life. Indian Pink is a generally good flower remedy for learning how to manage stress in daily life, and can be used with other synergistic flowers such as Dill and Chamomile. Our case research indicates that it can also be helpful for more specific conditions, including feelings of vertigo or disorientation, or recovery from injuries to the head.

For example, a practitioner reported using Indian Pink as a single remedy for her son who sustained a head injury from an auto accident. In describing his condition immediately after the accident he said, “Mom, I feel like everything is spinning around me and I can’t feel still.” These words helped the practitioner decide on Indian Pink, applied topically to her son’s head, and administered under his tongue in frequent doses. Her son felt an immediate calming with the first dose and within several days his condition had completely stabilized.

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