Lady’s Mantle: Magnetic Connection To All Substances, Human, Animal Or Plant

Lady’s Mantle: Magnetic Connection To All Substances, Human, Animal Or Plant

Lady’s Mantle has an exalted presence in our gardens at Terra Flora. Her Latin name, Alchemilla vulgaris is richly evocative, as is her common name. As a spreading plant, Lady’s Mantle truly embraces the earth with lovely rounded leaves and green chartreuse flowers. Her name, Alchemilla, refers to exceptional magnetic properties, attracting early morning moisture and retaining its dewy, diamond like sparkling essence on her leaves, even as the warm sun shines and most other water from plants evaporates.

Because Lady’s Mantle possessed such a distinctive ability to hold and reflect the dew, she was revered by alchemists. These alchemists realized that such a plant, had exceptional healing properties, and thus she earned her name of Alchemilla. Many medicines were prepared by collecting her dewy substance in the early morning. Dr. Bach (a student of the great alchemist, Paracelsus) , recognized this primal alchemy and initiated his flower essence preparation by collecting the dew drops to be found in the early morning on certain flowers. He later developed a method that reflects this dew-making process, by setting chalices of local water specific to the region in the surrounding matrix of the plant in the early morning.

The Lady’s Mantle flower essence has many healing qualities, but is especially helpful to practitioners who seek to enhance and enliven their magnetic connection to substances. By developing a feeling for substances, one can find the living connection to the body and soul of other beings, whether human, animal or plant. For example, a practitioner who attended our classes described the following experience:

“Prior to taking Lady’s Mantle I had a strictly intellectual knowledge of the plants. But soon after taking Lady’s Mantle, I noticed my hands begin to tingle, or feel warm, or have other sensations when working with the essences, or doing related healing. It was as though a language of resonance was taking place in my being. I began to source from a much deeper level what flowers my clients needed. It was not a matter of discounting the original knowledge, for that is an important foundation. But what happened is that I could now feel for myself its living truth. Even the words describing the remedies, especially the affirmations, became alive within me, like a pulsating vibrational field. I now use Lady’s Mantle whenever I feel I have lost that connection and need to regain my primal relationship to the sacredness of substance, thereby my use of flower essences does not become remote or abstract.”

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View a video of Patricia Kaminski briefly commenting on the Lady’s Mantle at Terra Flora

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