Lavender: a calming and soothing energy for the sensitive soul

Lavender: a calming and soothing energy for the sensitive soul

Who has not delighted in the soothing fragrance of lavender? We love it in a sachet, as an herb tea, an oil in a bath or diffuser, or brushing by a lavender bush in full blossom, blessed with buzzing bees, as we are now experiencing in these full summer days at Terra Flora.

The lavender flower essence is a more subtle distillation of the qualities of lavender, no longer aromatic, but rather a calming and soothing energy for the sensitive soul, whose nerves and senses have been over-stimulated. Lavender essence brings our awareness back into our bodies when our consciousness becomes too far extended, through extreme spiritual practices or excessive mental activity, particularly stimulation by our ubiquitous electronic devices, and other forms of stress. 

Typical comments we receive about Lavender essence include the following:

“It’s great for meditation and calming the over-active mind.”
“Lavender flower essence slows me down and makes me more peaceful. I use it at night in a glass of water if I wake up and have trouble falling asleep. “
“I am using lavender along with chamomile flower essence to calm my anxiety about giving birth.”

The lavender herb is native to the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, as it exalts with the dry warmth and airy light of the Mediterranean summers (and similar summers in California). As a member of the Lamiaceae (Labiatae) plant family, it shares the characteristic earthy square stem. Yet lavender quickly strives upward to the warmth and light, its stem producing only few small narrow leaves on its way to the crowning flower tops, with their celestial light violet (“lavender”) colored tubular flowers, reaching outward and upward. The warmth element lives fully in the plant, as evidenced by the abundant aromatic oils, and by the plant’s affinity to those fiery beings, the bees. 

Thus Lavender expresses a polarity of an upward-striving sensitivity, with a calming, warming quality that anchors us back in the physical realm. In an age of hyper-stimulation of our thoughts and senses, it is a soothing balm to our frazzled nerves, allowing our sensitivity to have its appropriate expression in the higher lavender-hued realms of spirit. 

The healing message of the Lavender flower essence is beautifully captured in these affirmations by Patricia Kaminski:

I allow gentle waves of soothing relaxation to wash over me.
I let thoughts of the Spirit seep gently into my awareness.
I flow with ease between the Earthly-World and lofty Spirit-Heights.

Lavender flower essence is available here.


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