Lewisia: Spiritualization and Sensitivity

Lewisia: Spiritualization and Sensitivity

Lewisia disepala is a rare and precious wildflower of the California Sierra Nevada. It grows in the highest alpine regions emerging for only a few days each year on gravel or rocky outcroppings as the snow melts. It produces a basal rosette of tiny succulent leaves, barely a half inch long. The delicately banded pink and white blossom is proportionally much larger, with a stem so short, that the flower rests directly on the leaf rosette. Sitting in contemplation of the enchanting Lewisia, one has the distinct feeling that its spiritual archetype has literally dropped from the highest heaven world. Each blossom is sparkling with iridescent silica beads, shimmering in the light of the sun, as though mirroring a distant Star World. This exquisite “star flower” sits aloft a physical structure that is barely incarnated compared to most other plants that develop roots, leaves and stems over a period of time before blossoming.

This soul picture of Lewisia helps us to understand its healing qualities. Lewisia has been especially used by practitioners working with children and young adults in the autistic spectrum. These individuals harbor extraordinary spiritual gifts and soul sensitivities, yet the challenge involves that of guiding these cosmic aspects of the soul into the physical body and practical expression in daily life. Vania DeGrande is affiliated with Acesa Capuava, in Valinhos, Brazil, a social and educational organization that serves children and adults with autism, as well as related syndromes. She reports that Lewisia is one of the major flower essences used, “ Lewisia acts as a very special and loving work in the souls of these children, who cannot fit in and find a grounding space or comfort in the functioning of their bodies. With this type of sensitivity, Lewisia greatly assists the work of other essences that also will work in regard to the body, helping to find one’s own pace, independence and pleasure of being and doing things. It helps to recognize one’s own sensitivity and use it positively in favor of love in the world.”

As Lewisia becomes more well-known, we continue to receive other significant reports. Some mothers have reported Lewisia to be an important remedy when pregnant with a child who feels only loosely connected with the earth dimension; or for soul support of any young child who is highly sensitive and shows signs of overwhelm, regardless of an official diagnosis of autism.

Lewisia is also used by many adults who are experiencing spiritual emergence, often moving rapidly into new aspects of identity. One woman described her use of Lewisia in this manner, “For me, the Lewisia is an incredibly spiritualizing flower – it seems to enlarge one’s Sense of Self in the most extraordinary way…..While I was receiving it I noticed that my sensitivity opened up tremendously. I started feeling other people’s feelings, but with extreme love and compassion…..”

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