Mountain Pennyroyal for attunement with the many seen & unseen forces around us

Mountain Pennyroyal for attunement with the many seen & unseen forces around us

We’ve been hiking in the High Sierras, enjoying so many splendid wildflowers.

Recently we have encountered glorious fields of Mountain Pennyroyal – Monardella odoratissima. We like to honor an indigenous custom of rubbing one of the blossoms on any part of the body that seems weak, vulnerable or out of synch. Beyond any weakness, it is also a very good plant for bringing strength to the center point between the eyes (the so-called “third eye”). Mountain Pennyroyal is very purifying, bringing protective and positive attunement with the many seen and unseen forces around us.

The pungent aroma is a powerful clue to its properties. Just inhaling its aroma provides immediate uplift and clearing to the senses. Working on a deeper energetic level as a flower essence, Mountain Pennyroyal actively dispels many forms of psychic or parasitic contamination. For example, it is used in many formulas for animals who suffer from fleas, flies or other insect infestations. On the human level, it helps many who suffer from psychic contamination. Mountain Pennyroyal is often used alone but is also synergistic with other clearing remedies such as Garlic, Rue and Aspen.

A practitioner who attended one of our summer seminars shared this case example:

“I had a client whose grandmother had died six months earlier. She had suffered extensively from depression much of her life. The granddaughter had never suffered from depression, but now was experiencing many symptoms. She had also inherited several pieces of jewelry from her grandmother and was wearing them in her memory. I used Mountain Pennyroyal as a single remedy internally for her – and all signs of depression cleared. During this time, she had several dreams of her grandmother in which she was helping her grandmother cross a bridge, or otherwise move forward. We also cleansed her jewelry by soaking the pieces in a mixture of Mountain Pennyroyal water with sea salt overnight, then exposing the jewelry to morning sunlight for several hours.”

Another example involving Mountain Pennyroyal comes from a practitioner in Georgia:

“A client told me his boys were afraid to go to bed…they sensed ‘monsters’ in their room. I had him make a spray using drops of Mountain Pennyroyal…it worked immediately, and his sons are no longer troubled by these negative forces in their bedroom.”

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