Benediction™ & Benediction Forte

Benediction Oil™ & Benediction Forte -
Protect and Nurture the Interior Light of the Soul

The Benediction Oil™ was birthed on a Christmas Eve decades ago to help many who were in need.  Although it is now used around the world for many purposes and seasons, we still think of it as our beneficent Christmas Balm, helping the heart to realize the true meaning of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Humankind”.

The Flower Fusion:
The foundation of Benediction Oil™ is the precious ruby red St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) regarded by medieval mystics as the “blood of Christ,” for its  protective mantle of light. The essential oils of Rose, Angelica and Jasmine instill higher awareness by opening the heart and soothing anxiety. The flower essences of Holly, Motherwort and Hawthorne strengthen and purify the heart; while Self-Heal helps the soul transform illness into wellness; and Angel’s Trumpet carries consciousness of the spiritual world.


  • To bless and sanctify during holidays (holy days), when the soul seeks deeper meaning and connection
  • For use as a sacramental anointing oil during any major life passage or celebration
  • To apply during times of illness, easing pain and assisting body-soul alignment
  • To help the soul accept and transform chronic pain and physical suffering
  • To bolster the soul when feeling depression, anguish, anxiety or bewilderment
  • For recovery from any violation such as violent attack, sexual abuse or other similar trauma
  • To help birthing, by guiding the soul to feel the blessing of human love during the passage to human incarnation
  • For heart-centered sexuality, encouraging  both body and soul to experience the warmth of human love
  • For transition during dying – to feel love and support during passage from the body to a purely spiritual reality

As a comfort care therapist with hospice, I have used the Benediction Oil™. Patients respond with letting go and calm.

Karen Lohmann, Olympia, Washington

I recently used Benediction Oil™ with my father for his last two months here on this earth. I was deeply moved by his acceptance and openness to this product. He LOVED the smell!!! I massaged his feet, legs, hands and head with the oil at least two times a day; he looked forward to those moments. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart, with tears of gratitude in my eyes, for this magical oil.

Heidi Hampe, Forestville, CA

I believe that the heart “knows,” and we need to feel and live by that. So much comes up gradually; we do not deal with it, and before you know it, the heart is overloaded and working beyond what it should, and passes it on to other parts of our body. With so much electronics, people needing our help, busy days and things that come up suddenly, we do not get to take care of ourselves. I work on living a simple life but I still think there is so much more that is not known that keeps the heart overloaded. Using the Benediction Forte roll-on many times a day I feel helps the heart center. Plus, the work I do with natural healing is such a help with knowing the heart and listening to what is needed to do. I love the new roll-on, it gives just the right amount and is easy to use.

Margene Michnal, Tempe, AZ

ben-plant-bottle copy.jpg


We have formulated a one-ounce double-strength concentrate in a convenient roll-on applicator. Benediction Forte™ will become your favorite go-to during travel, at work, in first aid situations, or to provide immediate heart centering for clients in your practice. Our roll-on version allows you to precisely target key pulse points and energetic centers, particularly the acupressure point known as the Sea of Tranquility (CV 17), located in the middle of the breastbone. Benediction Forte™ is a concentrated version of Benediction oil, so that you can work expertly and efficiently in nearly any setting to get immediate healing benefits.