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Nurturing Bath & Body Oils

FES FloraFusions™ Bath and Body Oils  are a unique blend of flower essences, pure botanical essential oils, and herbal flower infusions from six outstanding healing plants, in a base of organic olive oil. These extraordinary oils nourish body-soul wellness at a deep level of being.

The FES FloraFusions™ Bath and Body Oils are crafted with joy and meditative focus. The flowers are hand-gathered at the peak of their natural seasonal vitality.

Making these oils in small hand-made batches is the only way to achieve optimum character and efficacy. They are solarized in organic olive oil, in glass containers and warmed by the natural light of the sun. Once the herbal infusion is complete, we then add the finest quality botanical essential oils and flower essences.

I have really recommended Arnica Allay for wounds and scars both physical and emotional. Your Arnica Allay is life changing. It began to heal scars on my face from a terrible fall and gave me an unexpected feeling of complete emotional peace. Anything that works for me, I share any chance I get.   J.N., Lake Hughes, CA

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capturing the heart of the sun

Hand-Harvested Flowers from Biodynamic® & Organic Certified Terra Flora Gardens 

Perfect to use for soothing bathtub soaks, relaxing massages, strengthening topical applications, and sacred anointing. FloraFusions are the preferred choice for professional body-workers and home users alike. Learn how each of these herbal oils can help you and your loved ones.

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