Chamo-Mild Calm

A Liquid Lullaby to Quiet & Comfort

A new addition to our FloraFusions line of herbal bath and body oils, formulated in a base of Terra Flora Biodynamic® Chamomile flowers in organic olive oil, with a medley of flower essences and essential oils. Relaxing and soothing.

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  • Agitation and Angst: massage into entire face, or forehead and temples, or to the palm of the hands, closing eyes and breathing in deeply for several minutes
  • Bedtime Bath Balm: add several ounces to warm bathwater and soak yourself serene for sleep
  • Cranky Kid Calmer: for teething, excessive crying or general fussiness – rub on child’s belly and other places of discomfort
  • Tranquil Tummy: rub in circular patterns on the stomach when experiencing symptoms of indigestion, flatulence or general tension in the solar plexus
  • Menstrual Mender: for cramping or general moodiness during menstruation.
  • Tame your Flame: rub frequently into any area of chronic inflammation, to bring restorative soothing relief
  • Meltdown Massage: use as a full body massage to nurture your partner or friend, or even to soothe your pet.

After the organic olive oil is fully suffused with the Biodynamic® Chamomile flowers, it is hand-pressed and stored. When we are ready to prepare the new blend, we gather our  flower essences and the finest medicinal-grade essential oils, and potentize them with prayer and reverence into the Chamomile oil infusion. 

Chamomile flower essence provides foundational emotional nurturing and equilibrium, assisted by Star of Bethlehem and Mariposa Lily. California Valerian, Lavender and Magnolia flower essences promote deep body relaxation; Lilac and Sweet Alyssum uplift and purify the mental field; and Pink Angel’s Trumpet provides bodily release and connection with higher realms.

The botanical essential oils of Sandalwood and Lavender are added to provide nerve health; Frankincense and Cistus to restore breathing harmony; Spruce and Cedarwood to bestow physical warmth and grounding; and Vanilla and Ylang Ylang impart mellow sweetness. 

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