Flower Essence Formulas

The FES formulas are conveniently packaged with spray tops, ready for direct application. (Animal Relief Formula, Five-Flower Formula and Yarrow Environmental Solution are also available in dropper tops for preparing dosage levels.)

The standard application is one or two sprays in the mouth, four times daily in-between meals or before eating. For emergency or intense episodes, take more frequently until the condition has stabilized.

The spray tops also allow topical applications to be effortless and sanitary. One of the most effective applications is on the pulse point inside the wrist. Spray and then lightly rub in the mixture; then, apply gentle pressure for a minute or so. The formulas can also be applied topically in a creme base, such as Self-Heal Creme.

The formulas can be very effective when lightly misted around the whole body, the head and surrounding body space. Be sure to close eyes and remove glasses before doing so. This method is a special favorite for many children and can also work with animals.

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