Magenta Mantle

A Formula for Regeneration of Land, Plants and Community

Magenta Mantle was initially introduced in response to the Oakland, California fire in 1991. Since then, this formula has been used in many places around the world for land and community-based regeneration.

Magenta Mantle is a synergistic chord of six magenta-colored flower essences. The color that we perceive as magenta is actually a spectrum of even more specific colors, all falling somewhere between fiery red and deep purple. Color is often imagined as a linear phenomena, with red on one end and purple on the other.  But if we imagine color as a living circle, then we can come to recognize the role of magenta as an etheric bridge between the warm reds and cool purples.

Magenta is a color strongly associated with the living forces of nature. The etheric mantle of the earth and the life mantle of the healthy human body radiate this color, when viewed with etheric perception. Because it forms a bridge between red and violet, magenta has properties that are both cooling and warming. Magenta is a color that experiences the deep “fire” process of the earth, and then emerges phoenix-like toward the spirit again. This is why Magenta is often regarded in color therapy as a “resurrection” color.

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Magenta Mantle is intended to restore vitality and etheric regeneration following destruction and elemental disturbance to the land. It is especially correlated with devastation involving the fire element and related phenomena, such as destruction by bombs and firearms, modern combustion machinery or chemical burning and debilitation. The Magenta Mantle formula helps to re-establish the shattered bonds within physical-etheric life forces that knit together human community and the environment. It is primarily intended for broad-based land and plant restoration, while a related formula, Magenta Self-Healer, is designed for personal healing and rejuvenation in both human and animal populations.

This “Magenta Chord” of six essences (Fireweed, Self-Heal, Echinacea, Red Clover, Sierra Primrose, and Sweet Pea) brings magenta vitality for regeneration after any experience of destruction and trauma, enhanced by the green healing energy of Alchemilla (Lady’s Mantle).