Flower Essence Supplies

FES will prepare a one-ounce dosage bottle for you, containing up to five flower essences of your choice (Five-Flower Formula and Yarrow Environmental Solution are each counted as a single remedy). You may specify brandy or vegetable glycerin as a preservative. Order now.

One-ounce amber glass bottles with clear glass dropper caps. May be purchased individually, in boxes of 12, or a case of 12 boxes (144 bottles total). Order now.

Glass bottles in 1-oz. amber and 4-oz. cobalt blue sizes, with plastic spray pump caps. Disperses a very fine mist of your blend of flower essences or essential oils. Available individually or in boxes of 12. Order now.

Self-stick labels include room for practitioners and home care flower essence users to record the contents of a dosage bottle, date, preservative used, and other important information. Available in packs of 120. Order now.

An alternative preservative when making dosage bottles, for those who wish to avoid using alcohol products. Vegetable glycerin is a sweet-tasting derivative of vegetable oil. Mix one half ounce of glycerin with one half ounce of water when making a dosage bottle. Glycerin is certified organic and available in 4 oz. and 16 oz. bottles. Order now.

An FES exclusive! Cloth carrying bags hold 2-dram flower essence bottles firmly with elastic loops. Bags fold for storing or carrying your essences. Choose from three basic colors, blue, green and purple—floral pattern varies; holds 40 bottles. Order now.

Bundles of Salvia apiana (White Sage) are burned for ceremonial cleansing, to help release and purify old, stagnant energy. Wild-harvested and handmade by indigenous people. Beautifully packaged in boxes.

White Sage (Salvia apiana) is considered one of the most sacred of all plants in the Native American tradition. All of the Salvia plants of the mint family are known for their extraordinary healing qualities, with the name itself meaning “to heal” (as in salvation, save or salve). The White Sage is a particularly striking Native American plant which evokes the essence of purity with its white color and soft green undertones. Its serene and enduring presence graces the light-filled expanses of the high desert and mountains. The White Sage has a remarkable ability to absorb solar energy, bearing essential oils with rich, earthy aromas. This powerful herb has been used since ancient times by Native American practitioners to cleanse the body and protect from adverse environmental influences. Order now.

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