Magenta Self-Healer

Magenta blossoms to encourage self-healing potential and physical vitality

Primary Indications:

  • As a foundational remedy in any wellness program; helping the body-soul to move toward a deeper level of health
  • For recovery from any major illness or surgery, to access deeper reserves of self-healing capacity
  • When healing progress for any trauma or illness seems stagnant; helping to boost immune forces by stimulating greater body-soul integration
  • For deeper insight into any illness or trauma, moving beyond materialistic causes to deeper soul-spiritual realization
  • To help children bolster immune forces during key developmental stages, growth curves or typical childhood illnesses
  • For animals who need to access sustained healing forces during illness or after surgery or other trauma

The Magenta Self-Healer formula features:

  • Self-Heal – Resourcing one’s inner capacity for wellness by learning to listen to the body and take responsibility for health choices and lifestyle
  • Sierra Primrose – Joy and exuberance for life; helping the soul to recover and embrace the gift of life on earth – often connecting with the deepest memories of childhood and spiritual purpose prior to incarnation
  • Echinacea – Core immunity; integration of the Spiritual Self with bodily identity despite shattering or devastating life events; ability to say “I” at the deepest level of body and soul
  • Pedicularis – Soul memory and insight as a force of healing; ability to understand and accept karmic events from a wider spectrum of time and soul purpose
  • Love-Lies-Bleeding – Transformation of personal pain and illness; transcendent capacity of the heart; compassion gained through suffering
  • Helichrysum essential oil – Helping to resolve emotional trauma that continues to inflame both body and soul; anti-inflammatory that calms the heart and serves as a general catalyst for body-soul healing

I am in awe of the Magenta Self Healer formula – it is the most profound experience I have had with flower essences in 30 years.

In the last two years I have endured two knee surgeries. Especially after the last surgery, I have felt utterly depleted. I was too exhausted to even do physical therapy. Taking the Magenta Self Healer opened the doorway to my recovery, I could literally feel the life force flowing back in. The power of the remedy was very vivid for me.

When I added the Affirmations for Magenta Self-Healer and the marvelous Star Meditation you have developed, an even deeper level of experience came. I felt like I contacted the Core of My Being, the sacred place from which all healing and life emanates. It was and remains truly a spiritual experience for me.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you for this healing medicine.

Emily Whiteside, LCSW, Grass Valley, California