Gift Sets

Unique gift sets with our favorite flower essences, essential oils and herbal oils, for gift-giving and healing practices throughout the year.

The Ani-Mates Gift Set is the perfect choice for your animal friends, or your friends with animals. Many people first discover the benefits of flower essences when using them with their pets. Animals typically respond quickly and dramatically to the nuturing energies of the essences. We have created a gift package of the two most important flower essence formulas used to help stabilize, calm and ground our precious animal companions. Each set of the two spray bottles is handsomely packaged in a purple box with instructions for basic use of both remedies. The Animal Relief Formula™, developed by animal practitioner Teresa Wagner for use in animal rescue shelters, is calming and comforting for animals in transition, trauma or rehabilitation. The Five-Flower Formula™ is our version of Dr. Bach’s famous emergency formula for rescue and relief. This all-purpose formula provides immediate stabilization. It is an amazing de-stressor and all-around harmonizing remedy for animals who are traveling, for changes in the household or care-taking relationships and much, much more.

Two flower essence formulas, Compassionate Care Giver and Peace-Full were developed for hospice and family care situations. The healing outcomes for these two formulas have been remarkable. Also included in this set is a 2-ounce bottle of Benediction oil, our universally cherished heart balm that eases transitions and thresholds, and facilitates spiritual opening,along with instructions explaining the use of the formulas and oil.

This exquisite boxed set includes 12 key flower essences: Alpine Aster, Angelica, Black-Eyed Susan, Cosmos, Forget-Me-Not, Iris, Joshua Tree, Morning Glory, Mugwort, Sagebrush, St. John’s Wort and Star Tulip; a boxed set of 12 dream affirmation cards, and a practical Guide for using Dream Deep, written by Patricia Kaminski.

“I purchased the Dream Deep set of flower essences to use during the Twelve Holy Nights of Epiphany. I started out by building a base of Alpine Aster, Angelica, Forget-Me-Not and Star Tulip. Once I added Black-Eyed Susan, I started to have very vivid dreams about not completing tasks. I journaled my dream and after several evenings of this recurring dream, I decided I might be planning to over-extend myself if I took on all the volunteer projects that I wanted to be involved in during the new year. After I decided to limit some of my volunteer activities, the dream went away. I think that part of my psyche was telling me that I need to slow down and give more time for my personal reflections.”      — Teri Jeffrey, Hillsdale, MI

This dynamic duo features two synergistic products: Roots roll-on facilitates basic life forces and releases energetic blockages. The Grounding Green spray encourages greater consciousness for and alignment with the Living Being of Earth. When this connection is vibrant, life forces flow into and out of the body with greater harmony and health-bestowing results.

Each product is unique, with an entirely different formulation. The Grounding Green spray is a blend of flower essences and food-grade essential oils in an organic alcohol and water base. It can be used either topically as a matrix mist, added to baths, or taken internally as an oral dose. Roots roll-on is a blend of essential oils and flower essences in a base of organic MCT coconut oil, with a glass roller-ball applicator. It is exclusively designed for topical application to key energetic centers of the body.

 When using both products in tandem, use different methods or times for delivery, in order to increase their synergistic effects. For example, take Grounding Green as an oral dose and apply Roots topically, or use one product in the morning and the other in the evening.

FloraFusions are a bouquet of flower essences, pure botanical essential oils, and herbal flower infusions from six outstanding healing plants, in a base of organic almond or olive oil. The preferred choice of professional body-workers and home-care users. This handsome boxed set contains all six of the 2-ounce size FloraFusions.

If you want to introduce a family or friend to the wonders of flower essence healing, this gift-boxed set is the perfect choice. Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) and Five-Flower Formula™ are indispensable for the most basic situations, to provide calm, stabilization and immune protection. At this low cost price you can gift yourself as well as your loved ones! Each set of the two spray bottles is handsomely packaged in a gold box with instructions for basic use of both remedies.

The Luminous Depth Gift Set contains three key formulas that assist the soul during times of personal depression or discouragement or the despondency felt during winter’s dark and cold season.

Illumine Flourish Formula works with the twin polarities of levity and gravity or light and dark, so that the body soul matrix can establish its own internal strength and equilibrium between these shifting alchemical forces.  The ability to master this internal dynamic is the underlying key for resolving many forms of depression and seasonal affective disorder.  

Be Bright Roll-On – This amazing synergistic blend of flower essences and essential oils is like an immediate ray of sunshine.  The citrus oils work to dispel feelings of heaviness and lethargy while the various flower essences help the consciousness to encounter and resolve discordant elements that adversely affect positivity.  Designed for application to the pulse points or related energy centers, one can immediately begin to feel rejuvenating and uplifting qualities.  

St. John’s Shield Bath and Body Oil –  The St. John’s Wort flower has been cherished in herbal tradition for centuries, due to its remarkable ability to catalyze light and anchor it in the deep interior of the body-soul matrix.  The St. John’s Shield is a hand crafted product from the Terra Flora Gardens containing the specially solarized oil of St. John’s Wort along with related flower essences and essential oils.  A small amount of this highly concentrated product can be mixed into a warm bath or  massaged into key areas of the body.   Use of this product helps one to absorb  light- bearing qualities, so that one can feel solar strength and warmth in times of depletion or darkness,   Each one of these marvelous products gains even greater synergy and potency when used in tandem. 

Take advantage of the special discount on these two beneficent heart balms revered throughout the world: Benediction Oil and Sacred Heart Flower Formula. The Benediction Oil is a marvelous symphony of pure Rose, Angelica and Jasmine essential oils, along with the flower essences of Holly, Motherwort and Hawthorne Self-Heal and Angel’s Trumpet in a base of our hand-crafted St. John’s Wort ruby red oil. Benediction Oil is praised for its extraordinary ability to open the heart to greater levels of inner peace, and soul-spiritual receptivity. The Sacred Heart Flower Formula features the flower essences of Bleeding Heart, California Wild Rose, Centaury, Holly, Pink Monkeyflower, Pink Yarrow and Quince along with the pure essential oils of Yarrow and Rose. This heart elixir helps build the inner foundations of the heart in its ability to give and receive, recognizing the sacred gift of relationship with others. This set includes a detailed guides written by Patricia Kaminski for using each preparation in the most effective manner.

“The Open Heart gift set works instantly to heal familial emotions. I noticed that with my family; I never leave without it when we are traveling together.”

Victoria Dubin Master, Haworth, NJ

The Presence Gift Set includes a synergistic selection of three key products that instill calm and equanimity  in times of stress and disruption.  

Fear-Less™ Flourish Formula –   One of the underlying, often unrecognized components of stress is anxiety.  How do we face the unknown, or the potential catastrophes that may befall us – whether they be natural disasters, or acts of violence, environmental disruption or looming health threats? This feeling of unease and apprehension drains us of the buoyancy and optimism that is needed for a healthy response to life’s many challenges. The Fear-Less™ formula works at a deep level to provide calming and centering forces that allow appropriate responsiveness and resilience  while at the same time alleviating unnecessary apprehension and anxiety.  

StressRest™  Roll-On – This beneficial blend of flower essences and essential oils is designed to work topically on any easily accessible pulse points or related energy centers. The related modalities of aromatherapy and flower essence therapy work immediately to provide relief in times of stress.  

Five-Flower Formula™ –  This internationally renowned rescue formula created by Dr. Edward Bach remains one of the most foundational formulas for  immediate emergency relief. The Five-Flower Formula™ brings one “back to center” so that states of panic, pain or paranoia can be dispelled. When the clarity and light of the Higher Self is re-instilled, one can regain control of any distressing situation and move toward positive steps of resolution and renewal.  

These three products are even more consequential and impactful when used in tandem or in alternation with each other. Truly, they allow one to regain inner peace and composure. 

TerrAnoint™ beneficent healing blends of flower essences and essential oils in fractionated coconut oil, designed for direct bodily application to pulse and acupressure points. These formulations comprise six master blends developed during the last three decades in the private practice of Patricia Kaminski, Executive Director of the worldwide Flower Essence Society. Patricia has observed that in addition to standard oral doses of flower essences, topical applications of flower essences combined with essential oils can help to support or further amplify one’s healing program. Each formula is a richly layered symphony of flower essences and pure botanical essential oils designed to address diverse structures within the body-soul complex. They offer healing for the most basic issues needing multi-level support and lifestyle boosting during any therapy or wellness program. The TerrAnoint™ formulations are excellent choices for those who are new to flower essences or subtle body healing, as well as supportive aids to those who are deeply immersed in transformative flower essence therapy. The 9 ml (0.3 fl oz) roll-on applicator bottles for the TerrAnoint™ blends are compact and convenient for home, work or travel. They can be used as needed and applied in countless different ways, whether used solo or in tandem with other healing measures. Because they are applied topically, they will not interfere with oral doses of other flower essences or supplements, while still supporting and augmenting one’s wellness program.

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