Healingherbs Bach Essences

Flower Essence Services is proud to offer the Healingherbs English Flower Essences

An alternative source for the 38 English flower essences familiar to practitioners and customers throughout the world.

The Healingherbs essences are made by Julian Barnard, who is considered among the world’s leading experts on the English Flower Essences, having studied their effects in clinical practice for three decades. For several years Julian worked closely with Nickie Murray, former director of the Bach Centre. From Nickie, Julian learned the methods of flower identification and preparation given to her by Nora Weeks, Dr. Bach’s devoted assistant.

Prepared by hand with love and care in rural Herefordshire, the Healingherbs English Flower Essences are valued world-wide for their remarkable quality and potency.

Learn more about Julian Barnard and the Healingherbs essences here.

Indications for the Healingherbs essences are found in the booklet below, along with the FES Quintessentials, FES Range of Light essences and FES Flourish formulas.

Available individually in 1/4 oz. and 1 oz. stock bottles, and in practitioner kits.
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