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Over the course of several decades, Flower Essence Services has been deeply dedicated to flower essence therapy and its sister modality, aromatherapy. As you know, we have developed many products based upon the integration of both modalities, including the FloraFusions bath and body oils, the TerrAnoint Roll-ons and the FES Flourish Formula Sprays.

The procurement of essential oils involves diligent care and attention for ever-changing global weather conditions and responsible sources that meet our high standards for purity and efficacy. While we will continue to retain an inventory of the finest pristine essential oils for our formulations, we have decided to simplify our day to day operations.

We will no longer stock essential oils in the one-ounce (30 ml) and 1/8 ounce (3.7 ml) sizes for sale to the public.  We are selling our remaining bottled essential oils at an amazing 25% discount, while supplies last. The oils are only available through our online store, thus enabling you to note the current inventory status of each essential oil. Please note that if an oil is indicated as out-of-stock, this means it has sold out and is no longer available.

Included with our close-out sale are six very beneficial essential oils not previously offered to the public: Birch, Black Pepper, Black Spruce, Clove, Lime and Oregano. These oils are available in 1-ounce bottles while supplies last. You can read here for further information on the properties of these six essential oils.

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A Commitment to the Highest Standards of Quality

Terra Flora essential oils have been carefully selected according to the highest possible standards of quality and integrity. We have chosen the purest and most potent oils available from the best possible sources. We have worked hard to keep our prices as low as possible, without sacrificing our standards of quality.

The majority of our oils are steam-distilled. All plant sources are from un-fumigated, wild, or organic habitats.

Terra Flora offers 100% concentrations of its essential oils—never diluted with less expensive oils, with the exception of the Rose Oil Blend. Although the investment in pure essential oils may initially seem more expensive, wise use of these oils actually makes them more economical, allowing for precision, accuracy, and utmost clarity in aromatic formulations.

Each bottle of Terra Flora oil is equipped with an orifice reducer, to allow dispersal of single drops. The 1-dram size bottles will often require a vigorous tap on the bottom of the bottle to release each drop of oil. Some oils can congeal slightly in very cold temperatures (this is especially true of pure attar of Rose). Running warm water over the bottle of oil can quickly restore its fluidity.

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What is Aromatherapy?
Using Aromatherapy in a Healing Context
Why Natural Plant Oils are Costly
Caring for Your Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a health modality which employs the use of essential oils for a wide variety of healing purposes. Used rightly, aromatherapy can have full-spectrum benefits, helping the subtle bodies as well as more physically oriented problems. Aromatherapy should not be confused with the more popular art of perfumery. Commercial fragrances are designed to appeal primarily, if not exclusively, to the physical senses. They may arouse, seduce, or otherwise invade the senses, but rarely do they lift the consciousness into a higher realm. Pure essential oils certainly harbor pleasant and intriguing fragrances, and this is a vital aspect of their healing power. Yet many of the oils which are used would not be considered appealing by the popular standards of perfumery. Some essential oils are very pungent and even medicinal in character. Other pure oils have beautiful fragrances which we may not be able to immediately appreciate because our senses have been jaded by more overwhelming and excessive synthetic perfumes.

If aromatherapy is to be rightly employed as a healing art, the inner attitude and skillful perception of the practitioner are paramount. One is not merely using an essential oil to cover up a malady, or for surface pleasure as one would wear a perfume. The essential oils have a powerful capacity to purify and transform, but to be used in this way the practitioner must recognize what is truly needed and apply the oils in creative, insightful ways. Of utmost consideration is the quality and viability of the essential oils which are used in aromatherapy. We live in an era of incredible cleverness and technical manipulation. Chemical, synthetic fragrances can deceive even a relatively trained nose. Yet even if a synthetic fragrance were capable of exactly duplicating a natural plant aroma, it could not be regarded as a healing oil any more than a plastic flower (however perfectly replicated to our visual senses) could be used to make a herbal tincture. Though a fragrance can be chemically perfect it can only be alchemical (i.e., healing) if it contains life force within it. Nature's laboratory is the living, creative work of spiritual beings. Substances from Nature are real because life dwells within them. Perhaps modern science will evolve to the point where there is the heartfelt capacity to work with life force in a co-creative way. Unfortunately, synthetic fragrances derived from chemical laboratories are not based on this premise and simply cannot be used for genuine aromatherapy. Please note: Some people are sensitive to certain essential oils, and may experience skin irritation if these oils are used extensively, or in strong concentrations. Oils should be tested first in weak dilution. Also, some oils may be contra-indicated for pregnancy. If you are pregnant, or believe you may be pregnant, consult a knowledgeable practitioner.

Natural, essential oils are priceless liquid jewels in the treasury of Nature. Very few, if any, plants are naturally oily. It is only during a certain moment in its yearly life cycle that a plant reaches a peak in its secretion of oil. Quite often, a great deal of plant material must be collected to yield even a modest amount of essential oil. These substances are often referred to as ethereal oils because they contain such concentrated amounts of life force. Given this perspective, it is easier to understand why many essential oils are costly. Some of the most precious substances such as pure rose oil can require 2,000 pounds (1,000 kg.) or more of rose petals to yield less than a pound (1/2 kg.) of pure oil. Plant oils are highly volatile and must be expertly distilled in order to capture their highest qualities. Steam distillation is the superior way for extracting most plant oils, and it is also the most expensive. Year to year climatic conditions can also greatly affect oil production of a given plant, and its consequent availability to the open market. Therefore, prices for essential oils will vary greatly depending upon how much plant material is required, how easily the plant yields its aromatic oil, and its seasonal availability.

The longevity of pure essential oils is certainly many years, if not several lifetimes. In fact, excavations of ancient Egyptian tombs have uncovered aromatic formulations which were still potent. When essential oils are extended into other bases such as vegetable oils and cremes they will usually have a reduced shelf life of several months to a year or so. As a rule, you should include pure essential oils in blends and custom formulas which you will use for immediate and short-range purposes. Although they will not spoil readily, it is a wise idea to store your oils in a cool, dark place. This will ensure that they have the greatest vitality for the maximum period of time. Be sure to keep the lids on your essential oils tightly closed and only open them for the amount of time that you need to. Essential oils are volatile and their aromatic properties will definitely evaporate when given the opportunity.