Be Bright

Living in the Light of Now

The Be-Bright™ TerrAnoint™ Formula is entirely comprised of yellow flowers that characterize various qualities of light and radiance. This flower essence formula is highlighted by the illuminating notes of citrus essential oils, and related essential oils that nourish the light structures of the body-soul complex.

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Be-Bright™ is indicated for those who suffer from various forms of depression, despondency or dejection. The main challenge faced is the hesitancy to move forward, and to be in the moment of living with its pregnant potential for transformation. Instead, one is gripped by the shadows of the past, especially limiting and negative beliefs regarding self-identity, or prior experiences that may have stymied one’s self-esteem and creative potential. Be-Bright™ evokes the potential for change that resides within the soul, transforming darkening and defeating thoughts of Self, and encouraging the full embrace of light and life that manifests as a gift to be tapped in every present moment.

Flower Essences
Sunflower, Blazing Star, St. John’s Wort, Dandelion, and Golden Yarrow – Moving with greater assurance and confidence into future possibilities and potential within oneself
Agrimony, Mimulus, Black-Eyed Susan, Pretty Face and Buttercup – Overcoming the darkening doubts, fears, low-self esteem and related emotional and mental barriers to the radiant Light that is available for healing of past and present states of consciousness
Essential Oils
Grapefruit, Orange, Red Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot and Melissa – A joyful blend of citrus notes that encourage the full luminous Sun-Self to shine within body and soul
St. John’s Wort and Helichrysum – Providing protection, stability and structure for the expansive Light structures of body and soul

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