Letting Go and Letting Flow

The StressRest™ TerrAnoint™ Formula addresses the underlying thoughts and energetic responses that contribute to feelings of agitation, anxiety and strain in daily life. When we resist what challenges or confronts us, even greater forms of hardening, tension and rigidity result in the body-soul complex. By learning to name and accept disharmonious or oppositional events in the life, one acquires a deeper ability to release, and respond to stress and ultimately re-claim composure and emotional balance.

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The soul process engendered by StressRest™ balances both the receptive and active channels of the human body and soul. When both polarities work in tandem, the soul simultaneously accepts and acts, allowing deeper recognition for daily life phenomena, accompanied by greater strength of soul for true transformation.

Flower Essences:
California Valerian, Passion Flower, Motherwort, Lavender and Chamomile – Encouraging greater calm and composure; the ability to allow disharmonious aspects to appear in the theatre of one’s consciousness without overwhelming or subsuming the core identity of Self
Impatiens, Vervain, Olive, Aloe Vera and Blazing Star – Facilitating the ability to act positively, with greater equanimity; ability to make clear, informed and non-reactive responses for transforming stress, pressure or anxiety in one’s life
Essential Oils:
Lavender, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Chamomile – Promoting greater relaxation and positive receptivity in the body, allowing deeper breathing and self-centering
Grapefruit – Opening a channel of illumination for recognizing and transforming stress and tension

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