Roots: Anchoring & Aligning Life Force

Roots: Anchoring & Aligning Life Force

by Patricia Kaminski

Roots is a topical essential-oil/flower essence blend for anchoring and aligning Life Force.Annedore Krause, a healer located in Germany, recently reported her observations regarding the TerrAnoint Roots formula:

“In my Jin Shin Jyutsu healing group, we learned about the Safety Energy Lock (SEL), located on both sides of the pubic bone. (The SEL points act as energetic fuses and ideally allow energy flow all the time. If a point is closed, energy can stagnate and create disharmony. To open a point, you simply hold it with your hand for however long you like. Some people do it for a certain number of breaths or until it feels complete.) I requested that the members of my group lay their hands on those points, then I administered “Roots“ to the energetic points. It was amazing what happened! At once, each participant felt an enormous amount of energy flowing from that point through the legs into the earth. The feelings and emotions that came up for each person were nearly identical to the descriptions you have for ROOTS.”

The Roots formula contains a synergy of flower essences and essential oils that help to identify and source the ground of life being in the earth and in one’s body. It is part of the TerrAnoint set of formulas designed for topical application to pulse points and related energetic centers. This blend instigates a homing instinct in the deepest core of Self, helping us dive deeper into the foundations of how we eat, live, dwell, work—in essence, how to awake and how to partake in one’s primal Home of Body and Earth.

Flower Essences
Sweet Pea, Rock Fringe, Corn and Madrone – Nurturing the homing instinct in body and soul, bringing greater consciousness for what enlivens and strengthens and connects us to life force
Blackberry, Indian Paintbrush, Columbine and Red Penstemon – Ability to access life forces and let them flow through the body into practical deeds and healthy manifestation; physical roots that surge into shoots
Cassiope and Sierra Primrose – Joy and gratitude as the engendering foundation of life force – the ability to identify, give thanks and feel immersion within the Living-Matrix that replenishes and regenerates physical and soul life on Earth

Essential Oils
Silver Fir, Pine, Cedarwood, Juniper, Sitka Spruce and Larch – The Ever-Green essence of the conifer tree oils, to impart Earth’s life force, the roots of relationship with the Earth
Cinnamon, Vetiver and Sandalwood – Providing physical warmth and grounded connection from body to soul

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