Scotch Broom For Meeting The Challenges Of Our Times

Scotch Broom For Meeting The Challenges Of Our Times

Scotch Broom flower essence is an antidote to pessimism and despair, not so much about our personal situation, but rather about our relationship to world events.

We were reminded of the timeliness of its message several weeks ago when we received a report from a woman who found the Scotch Broom helpful to deal with the U.S.Presidential election and its aftermath. She said that the essence brought her “deep peace and clarity.” Rather than reacting to events, she felt connected to her inner guidance about what she should do next. She commented, “It doesn’t feel like I’m fighting against anything; it feels like I am continuing to build toward everything to which I am committed — a world that works for everyone.”

Scotch Broom essence has also been used for people facing natural and man-made disasters, such as wars, earthquakes, floods and economic crises. The effect has nothing to do with denial of the challenges we are facing. Rather, the healing message of Scotch Broom is to take such challenges as opportunities and calls to action, to find the ways that we can draw upon our inner strength and conviction to make a difference in the world.

Scotch Broom, Cytisus scoparius, is a perennial shrub, native to Europe and North Africa, which has naturalized and spread so aggressively in many areas of North America that it is considered a noxious weed. Yet, it is this very quality of strength and tenacity that we need in times of crisis. This is also why Scotch Broom is often used for erosion control, as it will hold its ground against wind and water. As a legume, it brings fertility to the soil through its nitrogen-fixing capacity.

In Europe Scotch Broom was known not only for its medicinal effects, such as regulating the heart and circulatory system, but also for its symbolic qualities. The brilliant yellow pea-like flowers were worn in battle to give courage, and Broom became a heraldic symbol of abundance and strength.

For meeting the challenges of our times, Scotch Broom combines well with Mountain Pride, the essence of the spiritual warrior, and Green Cross Gentian, which nurtures our hope and faith in humanity against great odds See our previous posts on these essences here  and here.

Scotch Broom essence is available here.

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