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Overview text written by Patricia Kaminski, photos by Richard Katz


Self-Heal Creme™ is made with the flower essence and whole plant tincture of the remarkable Self-Heal herb, Prunella vulgaris, and is a paraben-free formula with organic and Biodynamic herbal ingredients. Used as a moisturizer and soothing skin creme, or as a base for topical application of flower essences and essential oils, Self-Heal™ Creme has a loyal following around the world.

Mixing with
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Using with
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Now formulated with Organic Totarol!

Totarol is an excellent all-natural anti-bacterial preservative extracted from recycled Podocarpus totara heartwood using a special extraction process.

This native tree of New Zealand is known to live up to 1000 years. After about 200 years of growth, it develops a strong anti-bacterial substance which acts as a defense mechanism to protect the tree. Developers have invented a process to capture these properties for use in cosmetics.

Totarol has no taste and very minimal aroma. The substance has been extensively tested at independent laboratories to demonstrate bioactivity, safety and product composition. In addition to Totarol’s potent anti-bacterial activity, it also possesses anti-oxidant and therapeutic properties.


Yesterday my son slammed the front door terribly badly on his ring finger - didn't break the skin or bone, but there was enormous screaming and intense pain, and almost immediate, enormous black and blue swelling. We immediately immersed the finger in Self-Heal™ Creme, and kept it fully covered for 3 HOURS, at which point he said there was no more pain. 6 hours after the injury, all discoloration was gone and there was absolutely no pain, in fact my son began wrestling and playing totally normally. This morning I asked him how his finger was, and he said, "Totally fine." This is the kind of injury that would normally have caused his finger to swell intensely and to cause pain to the touch for days and days, with long slow recovery. Nothing short of a miracle!

Daniel Mapel, New Hope, VA



I have been using your Self-Heal™ Creme everyday for over 10 years. I am a landscaper and have worked outside in Colorado at 8,000 feet and I don't like wearing hats or sunglasses. I just had a facial and the therapist raved on and on about how great my skin is at age 62, still soft and smooth. I am so pleased with your Self-Heal™ Creme, it feels so good to put on every morning.


Dennis Vanderwist, Montrose, CO



Self-Heal™ Creme is wonderful! I don’t use anything else on my face. I love it because of it’s healing and anti-aging properties and it’s natural ingredients. It’s gentle enough to use on my kids and I don’t have to worry about the ingredients causing any negative reactions. We use it for sunburns and especially for dry skin during the winter. In Connecticut due to the dry heat we get very dry chapped skin and Self-Heal™ Creme keeps our skin soft and moist, we use it everyday after a shower or bath. We really rely on it; I swear by it, I wouldn’t use anything else.

— J.G., Milford, CT



Self-Heal™ Creme is the only product that helps the eczema on my hands. I have tried dozens of other products, some prescribed by doctors. I am a massage therapist so my hands have to be healthy. Self-Heal™ Creme is the only thing that works.

— Trish Anderson, Leander, TX


Heart of the Earth — The Self-Heal Creme is based on the remarkable properties of the Self-Heal herb (Prunella vulgaris). Prunella has been used for centuries as an external application for skin care, as well as an internal tonic in convalescence. The healing properties of this plant are so universal, that it was called “Self-Heal” or “Heal-All” by medieval herbalists. In early American herbals, it was named “Heart of the Earth.”

Self-Heal flower essence is fundamental in flower essence therapy, awakening the confidence and inner vital forces necessary for healing on all levels: physical, emotional and ­spiritual. A specially potentized formula of Biodynamic® Self-Heal flower essence and fresh plant tincture is used for the core part of Self-Heal Creme, along with other natural herbal ingredients.

Self-Heal Creme has such basic therapeutic and regenerative qualities that it can be used by anyone regardless of age, in clinical situations and in home care. The creme has rapidly become one of our most popular items, and is in demand in many countries throughout the world. 

I started using Self-Heal™ Creme in 1995 for facial lacerations after an auto accident. Since then, I have told many – over 100 patients – about this product. My facial lacerations looked like I had a second skin - brand new layer, in a day. I also got my stitches out early. I have had several clients use Self-Heal on stitches instead of using Neosporin, and they all heal faster and need their stitches out early. I also recommend it for shallow cuts and scrapes, and have had several people use it after having skin cancers frozen or cut out. EVERYONE to whom I have recommended it is hooked on this product!

— Erin Pass, L.Ac., Dipl. C.H.,


I love your Self-Heal™ Creme. I could fill a notebook with customer testimonials; in fact, maybe I will start doing that! A couple of the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

A young customer said that her entire face was badly burned by candles. She used the Self-Heal™ Creme and healed entirely—there were absolutely no scars on her face! 

A lady came into the store, her hands were bleeding—she had to wear gloves in order to shop. I recommended the Self-Heal™ Creme to her. She bought some, put it on that night, and the next day she came in without the gloves to say thank you; her hands had completely healed!

— Sandy Gerhardt, Natural Market Place, Jasper, GA

Using Self-Heal Crème

Highly beneficial for general skin care: nourishing and anti-inflammatory

Excellent moisturizer for facial rejuvenation, after-shave skin care, etc.
Outstanding first-aid creme; soothes and heals burns, bug bites and abrasions

Balancing for seasonal skin disorders — such as dry skin and chapped hands in the winter — or rashes and other “hot” ­inflammatory conditions in the summer

Can be applied to wounds or post-surgical incisions to speed healing (but not recommended for open or suppurating wounds)

Light and non-oily in application; can be used for problem skin, infants, or elderly to restore and renew

A good base for custom combinations of other flower essences or essential oils; easily mixed in the wide-mouth jar

An outstanding energetic transmitter for topical healing combined with vibrational remedies and healing touch, reiki, acupressure, etc.

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Self-Heal Creme™ Flower Essence Formulas

The Self-Heal Creme™ has a universal quality that makes it an excellent matrix for many different flower essence combinations. The wide-mouth glass jar of Self-Heal Creme conveniently supports custom preparations, tailored to your needs.

We suggest no more than six or seven flower essences in an individualized combination. Be sure to label your jar, as you may want to create several different mixtures. Use 50 drops of flower essence stock per 120 g / 4 oz jar of creme (100 drops for the 240 g / 8 oz size). Stir the mixture with a wooden stick for three minutes, alternating with clockwise and counter-clockwise motions, ending with a clockwise motion.

Intended use: None of the following suggested combinations are meant to replace medical treatment of physical ailments. Flower essences are intended to resolve issues within the mental-emotional realm that can affect physical health. They are typically taken internally, but can also be applied topically and absorbed through the skin. Topical application appears to be most effective in those cases where there is a clear mind-body component.

Some Suggested Combinations

The following are combinations which practitioners have discovered to be beneficial for topical situations. These general formulas are suggested for your consideration. You can also create your own unique formulas.

Emergency Care: Add Arnica, Red Clover, and the Healingherbs Five-Flower Formula to the Self-Heal Creme for a highly potent first-aid remedy. The Arnica essence provides spiritual centering, while the Red Clover flower essence dispels the panic and hysteria that often accompanies emergency situations. Prepare this creme for your first-aid kit and medicine cabinet, along with a liquid dosage bottle of the same combination, for both internal and external emergency aid.

Body-Mind Cleansing: Add Manzanita, Chamomile and Crab Apple to the creme. Many skin afflictions such as acne have a strong emotional component. Manzanita and Crab Apple essences impart fuller appreciation of the “body temple,” helping to accept and transform imperfections; Chamomile provides emotional calming and balance.
Inflammatory Conditions: While conditions such as eczema, or dermatitis may need appropriate medical attention, the Self-Heal Creme has many anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe and balance excessive fire in the skin. For added benefit, include Aloe Vera, St. John’s Wort and Crab Apple flower essences in the creme base.
Sore Joints, Muscle Tension: Add Dandelion flower essence or Dandelion Dynamo Flower Oil to Self-Heal Creme to disperse contracted, overly tense muscles, along with Cayenne flower essence to bring catalytic warmth to stagnant energy in the body.

Menstrual Balancing: Add Chamomile, Black Cohosh and Dandelion flower essences along with Mugwort Moon Magic Flower Oil to the creme base for menstrual cramps, PMS bloating, or delayed menstrual cycle. Gently apply in clockwise and counterclockwise strokes to the stomach-uterine area.

Fear of Intimacy: Rashes and other outbreaks in the genital region require medical attention. But, there can often be a strong psychic message in skin outbreaks, especially regarding fear and confusion about intimacy. Add Sticky Monkeyflower, Pink Monkeyflower, Mallow and Hibiscus to the Self-Heal Creme to resolve issues of sexuality and appropriate boundaries.

Beauty Balm: Beauty is skin deep when it touches the soul. The natural rejuvenating and moisturizing qualities of Self-Heal Creme can be enhanced with Star Tulip, Buttercup, Pretty Face, Iris, Lady’s Mantle and Cherry flower essences. This formula bridges body-soul feelings about beauty and self worth, instilling inner radiance and warmth.

Environmental Protection: Allergic skin conditions can result from oversensitivity and vulnerability to the environment. The skin acts as both a boundary and a receptor between the Self and the World. Those who are “thin-skinned” absorb too readily from the physical and social environment. Add Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Golden Yarrow, Saint John’s Wort and Red Clover to the Self-Heal Creme for greater protection and “self-containment.” This combination can be applied topically to any areas of the skin that are allergy-prone, or those energy centers that are psychically vulnerable, such as the heart chakra, and the stomach/solar plexus region.


Using Self-Heal Creme™
with Essential Oils

Aromatherapists are reporting extraordinary results by mixing the Self-Heal™ Creme with essential oils. The natural ingredients and neutral aroma of this creme make it an ideal base for creating custom aromatherapeutic applications. The following are a few outstanding uses reported by practitioners. (Amounts given are for 30 ml / 1 oz of Self-Heal Creme™ - please extend or modify for more or less creme.) 

Heart Balm: Blend 4-5 drops of pure Rose oil or 12 drops of Rose Oil Blend, and 4 drops of California Wild Rose and Borage flower essences. Apply nightly to the heart area with gentle massage motions. It helps to open the heart, to ease restriction, pain or grief felt within the heart.  

Emotional Release: Blend approximately 8 drops of Chamomile essential oil, 6 drops of Yarrow essential oil and several drops of Orange oil, with about 1/3 ounce of St. John's Wort oil. Massage into the stomach and solar plexus areas nightly with "figure eight" massage strokes. This helps to release excessive emotions stored in the stomach and solar plexus and can be helpful for digestive disturbances also.

Download the Self-Heal™ Flower Essence Skin Creme brochure.

A Sampler of Customer Comments:

I have been using your Self-Heal Creme for about 8 years. I used to have very oily skin and acne, but since I started using your product my complexion has cleared up and isn't oily any more. Also, I'm 65 but people can't believe my age because I have very few wrinkles and lines. I credit your Self-Heal Creme. I've tried a lot of products over the years, but yours is the only one that works!

— M. T., Vacaville, CA

I love your Self-Heal Creme; I have severe psoraisis and it helps my skin. After using your creme for just one day, I noticed a difference in my psoriasis I hadn't seen with any other skin cream. It helped take the inflammation out of my skin, thus relieving the pain and cracking I had been experiencing. This product is also great for anyone who has just plain dry skin.

— V.C.P., Brookfield, WI

For years, I’ve had a foot fungus problem which caused discomfort, irritation and little red dots. I began using Self-Heal Creme on my feet and noticed that not only did my feet feel better—alleviating the discomfort and irritation—but the cream also helped in reducing the red dots. Later, I noticed that because I use my hands to rub the cream onto my feet, the brown spots on my hands have begun to fade away as well. I love Self-Heal Creme!

Margot Murray, The Wellness Center, Reno, NV

I used the new Self-Heal Creme on one of my clients who had undergone radiation therapy for cancer. She had large radiation burns on her neck and we applied the creme to them. Within 24 hours I saw a 20% reduction in the appearance of the burn and she reported that they hurt much less. I use the Self-Heal Creme on myself as well, and have found it to be very therapeutic and useful for moisturizing skin. I especially like the new formula!

— C.D., Chico, CA

The Self-Heal Creme is great for me because I can use flower essences with it and I receive the benefit.  Also, it heals cuticles that are dry and torn, over night.  I notice sun damage spots on my legs and back smooth and even disappear with regular use and sometimes really calm down over night.  I love using it on my neck. I think I look healthier and my skin is a lot happier than when I used commercial products that seemed to make all of these other conditions much, much worse! Thank you for making such a fabulous product for real people, not media lemmings.

Sarah Warren, Peabody, MA

I get dialysis, and I'm considered a “good patient,” meaning, my treatment removes about 75% of the toxins. Because there remains significant impurities, one’s skin can be left itchy and in bad condition. I must use the Self-Heal Creme by the gallons! It works so well for me that I'd like to sell it in my online business.

J.G., Milwaukee, WI

There are great benefits for my son's and my own eczema with theSelf-Heal Creme .
E.K., Lansing, MI

I am a long-time, regular user of Self-Heal Creme; I think it’s a great product. I slap it on areas of my body where I have aches and pains from skiing and physical activity; I find it works well to ease the pain.

R.W., Oneida, NY

I have had a problem with itching and flaking around my eyes. I'm 68-years old and take great care of my skin and don't have a lot of wrinkles, but this skin problem really bothered me. My friend recently gave me some Self-Heal Creme to try and it helped the problem right away. It burns at first when I put it on, but it works! I bought a small jar for my mom to try and am buying two large jars for myself; I want to start using it as a daily facial moisturizer. I'm on Social Security and it's expensive for me, but I'm worth it! There are just some things that I like and need to give to myself. I really like this cream.

— G.S., Boyne City, MI


I was hammering a nail and hit my thumb. Ouch! I immediately put cold water on it, then the Self-Heal Creme and held the hand over my head for 10 minutes. My thumb didn’t even bruise and was hardly even sore!

A few days later, I burned three of my fingers on the stove top. Again, I repeated the same treatment, and an hour later, the pain was gone. I think that Self-Heal Creme is great!

— Heidi Kouri, Asheville, NC



Self-Heal Creme has been flying off the shelf since our last workshop. We offer an acupressure facial, and the practitioner has been using the Self-Heal Creme in this process. She has used other cremes before and thinks this works really well. After receiving the facial with Self-Heal Creme, my face and lips had such a warm glow – it looked like I’d already put on make-up but I didn’t have any on.

— Sally VanSickle, MIGUN Body Sense, Bay City, MI


FES Self-Heal Creme basically cured my skin rash from oak [leaf gall] mite bites; the mites have swarmed the Chicago area in the last few weeks. For two weeks my skin has been itching intensely with lots of pain, too, from these mites. The local news reported that emergency rooms and doctors’ offices are swamped with people with these bites and some stores have even run out of hydrocortisone cream.

I tried everything including prescription hydrocortisone, Benadryl cream, antifungals (in case I had a fungus growing), Tea Tree oil, and even Gentian Violet. Nothing worked at all. At a store, I used a sample of the
Self-Heal Creme on my painful itchy bite, which was about 2" in diameter. After a moment, the rash basically disappeared. It blanched clear and although the rash came back, there was no pain. I continued to use the crème, and within 24 hours, the rash was almost gone. Conventional medicines could not do for me whatSelf-Heal Creme could. It is really amazing; thank you FES!

Elizabeth Mach, Highland Park, IL



I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful product. My son suffers from terrible eczema and your Self-Heal Creme has worked wonders. My thirteen year old has recently been experiencing debilitating eczema on his hands; they were so cracked and swollen and painful. We had been prescribed a new, popular (and incredibly expensive!) prescription creme that helped only minimally. I was given your Self-Heal from a mom to add to my Pre-School's “boo boo basket,” and I decided to try it on my son's hands. After just a couple of days (2 applications per day) his hands are so much better. I am astounded and so pleased! We just ordered another jar today!
Thank you so very much, from a grateful mom!
J.E. Lischalk



I suffer with two herniated discs in the thoracic area of my back (upper back). I've had seven surgeries since 2001, and have used every kind of anti-inflammatory medication, injection, pain block, etc. When I overuse my upper back, my scapula (shoulder blade) becomes swollen and irritated, following which I develop “knots” in the associated muscles. Once the muscular knots set in, I generally get violent headaches. I hate to admit it, but I do have to keep a bottle of prescription pain pills on hand to nab the headache as soon as it starts or else I am incapacitated. Soon after receiving the FES products for my new store, I had a pain episode. When I reached for my pain pills, there were none. I figured, Columbus had to take a chance and try something new, so I reached for a jar of Self-Heal Creme. I rubbed it on my swollen scapula and in less than one minute, the pain was gone. It was amazing!

Also, my black Labrador retriever has had problems with a recurrent skin rash, which has required visits to the veterinarian, medication and/or injections. This last time, I tried the Self-Heal Creme on his skin and the rash dissipated. It's terrific! Being new to the health products retailing field, I am only now beginning to establish trust with my clientele - having first hand experiences like these with your products makes it so much easier for me to make the sale and establish that trusting relationship with my customers.

Ed Toth, Health Habits, Schnecksville, PA

"Whenever an external application of a flower essence blend is indicated, Self-Heal Creme is always used as the base. The basic makeup of the creme and its texture make it an ideal medium when addressing skin conditions."  

— Dr. Doris Clarke, Rapid City, South Dakota

Self-Heal Creme is the best skin care product on the market!

I was working in the store one day when a man came in looking for a product to use on his face. He was approximately 50 years old and had very curly hair that caused each of his beard hairs to become ingrown. This condition covered all the areas of his face where hair would grow. He was completely miserable; his face was puffed up, it was sore, and he could not even touch or wash his face. It was the type of skin condition that a dermatologist would typically treat with cortisone or some type of steroid. I sent the man went home with a 10 oz jar of creme with instructions to use it 2 to 3 times a day.

About 4 to 6 weeks later, a man approached me in the store. I just glanced at him and he said, 'You don't remember me, do you?' Then he stuck his chin toward me and I recognized him as the man who'd had the terrible skin condition due to ingrown hairs. His face had completely healed up! He had done nothing but use the Self-Heal Creme. Needless to say, he was back to buy another jar of creme.”

—Gareth, Greentree Co-Op Grocery,
Mount Pleasant, MI

"Here's a testimonial for you — your new Self-Heal Creme really works wonders. I have a skin condition that has been called 'pre-cancerous' by the doctors I've seen. For over 20 years I have been taking a steroid-based cream recommended by the doctors, with little result. My brother lent me some of your new creme and it was just magical. It has softened my skin, and eliminated the redness and soreness."

— Michael Madigan, Berkeley CA

"I am a huge fan of the Self-Heal Creme. People love it. I may have them put a few drops of an essence in the cream and use it that way. Anytime there is a need for skin improvement with an energy disturbance I always use the Self-Heal Creme. The arthritis clients I work on find it extremely helpful."

— Paul Wyman, massage therapist, Denver, CO

"In about one month of using the creme the disturbed child I was treating no longer had eczema. The Self-Heal Creme had nourished and healed his soul - the soul that was expressed on the surface of the skin.

— Dr. Michael Weinraub, Seattle, Washington

"After trying practically all cremes and moisturizing lotions at health food stores I was still not satisfied.... Finally, thanks to your creme, my skin feels soft and moist, but without that oily look."

— M.L., Brooklyn, New York

"The new formulation of the Self-Heal Creme has been just short of miraculous in terms of the benefit to my skin. Immediately soothing, the improvement in my skin overnight was also almost startling. Now five days after I first started using it, one would hardly know there had been pretty nasty rashes covering almost my entire left and right arms just one week ago."

— D.D., England

A healing story...

Luci D., a mother in her late 40s, is using Seasons of the Soul oils after a third lumpectomy. They have helped her skin tissue heal remarkably well. She writes, “the first two lumpectomy incisions (2/00, right & 10/00, left-benign) are barely visible, and the last two (8/17/01, left-benign) are remarkable compared to just 10 days ago. I received 6.5 weeks of radiation after the first surgery. The surgeon, 6 months later, could find no radiated tissue symptoms (hard tissue, discoloration, etc.). He questioned that I had even received any radiation.” Luci hopes many other women will be able to benefit from these “wonderful products” as well. “Your oils and flower essences were, and continue to be, a large part of my return to health. Thank you.”

The SOS oils that Luci used are Dandelion Dynamo, St. John’s Shield and Calendula Caress. “Each morning I would hold them up to the light and ask for divine guidance as to what I should use,” Luci said. “Whichever I chose would be massaged 2-3 times a day. I also applied hot castor oil packs.” Luci applied the oil massages to the areas where there had been surgery as well as to joints and tired muscles. Before each of her surgeries, Luci said she took Self-Heal flower essence and Yarrow Environmental Solution with her into the treatment room and applied the essences to her pulse points, or would put the drops in a glass of water, and sip it.

After the surgeries, she took the essences under her tongue from the stock bottle. Luci also has used other essences throughout her treatment periods - Star of Bethlehem, Five-Flower Formula, Pretty Face, Blackberry, and Violet among them. Luci chooses essences by consulting with a local massage therapist (a friend) she knows, by her own intuition, and by reading the Flower Essence Repertory.

Luci said she also took the homeopathic “Detox Formula” during this same time period. “I took essences and used your oils all through my radiation,” she explained. “Your Self-Heal Creme, too. Your products are just the best. As I explained in my first report to you, the surgeon who examined me 6 months later doubted I ever had any radiation treatments at all because my blood count was ‘too normal’ and there were no other symptoms. He checked my file and saw that I did, truly, undergo radiation, and he was baffled. I tried to explain to him about the oils and the essences, and the other natural alternatives I had been taking, but frankly, he didn’t want to hear about it.”

Luci never combines products, however. For example, she doesn't put essences and oils into Self-Heal Creme and apply it topically. She said she prefers using the products one at a time, making it part of a personal healing ritual; recognizing the special blessing involved in each component part of her healing treatments.

—Luci D., Las Vegas, NV

Carolyn Franklin works as a massage therapist, part-time out of her home and part-time at the Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto, California. In early September (2001), Carolyn worked with a 29-year old woman who had just undergone radiation treatment for cancer of the salivary glands.

"The woman's face and jaw 'had been burned to a crisp' by the radiation. Her facial skin was all seared and dry, like a very bad sunburn, and she couldn't move her jaw,” Carolyn said. “I raced back home and grabbed a jar of Self-Heal Creme and a bottle of Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES), and some brochures. I had her take the YES internally. I showed her how to gently massage the Self-Heal Creme onto her face.

"After 2 days there was a noticeable improvement. The dry skin was gently flaking off and she could move her jaw enough to take in liquids—a good thing as this woman is thin and needs her nourishment. The skin was looking much less red. Feelings of nausea were not as prevalent.”

—Carolyn Franklin, Palo Alto, CA


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