Self-Heal Flower Essence

Descriptive text written by Patricia Kaminski,
photographs by Richard Katz

This remarkable flower essence has been one of the leading remedies of the FES Quintessentials line of flower essences for over twenty years. Self-Heal flower essence addresses the core issue in all healing work — the inner commitment to be well.

When to
Use Self Heal
Herbal Lore

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Self-Heal Blossom

Self-Heal is an excellent choice for beginning your personal wellness program. It enhances other flower essences and therapeutic programs, acting as a catalyst in the journey to mind-body health.

Self-Heal flower essence is especially indicated for those who have lost belief in their own capacity to be well, or who have abdicated this inherent responsibility to healers or others. It is a very beneficial remedy for those who face great healing challenges, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

The central teaching of Self-Heal is to enable the Self to affirm and to draw from the deep wellspring of life, toward true recovery and restoration. The name "Self-Heal" is perhaps its own best affirmation, since all healing depends on an inner commitment to be well. No variety of outer measures and techniques can bring about healing (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual), if there is not a quickening from within the individual, a motivation to seek and affirm the wholeness of life.


When to Use Self-Heal Flower Essence

  • As an excellent introductory remedy in flower essence therapy, awakening one's inner sense of self-development and understanding of wellness.
  • As a good integrating remedy in nearly any flower essence formula, helping to address and focus the core healing issues of self-awareness and inner commitment to change.
  • As an adjunct to any healing journey, especially when one feels overwhelmed by information or options, and needs to be in touch with inner values and choices.
  • For individuals who have a wide variety of psychosomatic ailments, or who continually seek treatment from many different practitioners, but lack an inner confidence in their own ability to become well, and avoid taking responsibility for the inner shifts which are needed for true health.
  • For a great number of special situations: children who are recuperating, elderly persons with difficult life situations, ailing animals, or plants that are prone to disease or in stress.

Self-Heal Herbal Lore

Self-Heal Drawing

Self-Heal (Prunella vulgaris) is a truly universal herb, found growing wild in many parts of the world. A member of the Labiatae (Mint) family, Self-Heal comes from an impressive lineage of herbs, including the mints, basil, rosemary, thyme, and lavender, all with a wide range of medicinal, culinary, and aromatic qualities. The Prunella holds a central place within this family, and this is perhaps why she was called "Self-Heal" and "Heal-All" by medieval herbalists, and dubbed "Heart of the Earth" in early American herbals.

Self-Heal has many herbal uses. One of the most basic involves poultices or compresses of its fresh leaves for wounds or cuts. The medieval herbalist Gerard wrote in high praise of this plant, "...Indeed, the Virtues do make it good, for this very herb without mixture of any ingredient, being only bruised and wrought with the point of a knife upon a trencher or the like, will be brought into the form of a salve...." Herbalists also use self-Heal internally, as a gentle astringent, or as a general tonic in convalescence. The beneficent qualities of the Self-Heal are perhaps best summed up by Culpeper (1600s English physician and herblist) who described this herb as " qualities and virtues, serving to all good purposes..."



Customer Comments
About Self-Heal Flower Essence:

"I've been taking my immune system arsenal for a week with no relief. I finally remembered that I had some Self-Heal, started taking it yesterday, and have made a complete turn-around in this persistent cold. Your essences are among my favorite things in life, for both myself and my dog. Thank you so much!"
— J.D., Incline Village, NV

"The greatest challenge in my healing practice is to get clients to actually believe in their ability to be well. The Self-Heal essence is the most basic in your Repertory and the one which I use for nearly every client."
Dr. Rowena Toomey, Honolulu, Hawaii

"We use your Self-Heal essence quite frequently in our animal shelter. For example, we recently helped a litter of abandoned kittens to recuperate. The essence seems to instill vitality, or the will to live."
A.B., Melbourne, Australia

"I had a challenging medical condition which required my utmost spiritual forces. Almost from the moment I took the Self-Heal essence, I seemed to be able to hear my own voice speaking amidst those of doctors and worried friends and family. I had a renewed ability to make personal choices and changes that ultimately led to my recuperation."
C.G., Roseville, California


We have formulated a creme with this special essence—read more here.



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