Spreading Phlox: Finding Our Spiritual Family

Spreading Phlox: Finding Our Spiritual Family

by Richard Katz

Spreading Phlox is the flower essence that helps us connect with our spiritual family, the people who share and support our highest goals in life. It is especially helpful when we are questioning whether our current family, social and/or professional connections are holding us back from our destiny path. 

For example, Spreading Phlox essence helped a woman move on from her engineering career to start an herbal business, gaining support from the people in the herbal class she was attending. A health practitioner using Spreading Phlox realized that the professional association she had joined was too restrictive and she was inspired to take a class with a different group that spoke more fully to her values.

The Brazilian master flower essence practitioner and teacher, Rosana Souto, made the following observation about Spreading Phlox:

“The Spreading Phlox flower essence is amazing for moving my clients beyond their social ‘comfort zones’. Many do not meet their true destiny, including finding one’s soul mate, because of the inability to take risks and explore new social realities.”

Read more about Rosanna’s insights about Spreading Phlox and a comparison with Dr. Bach’s Heather.

Spreading Phlox is a native wildflower found in the rocky hillsides of the Sierra Nevada and other western US mountains. It is a tough plant, with woody prostrate stems and needle-like leaves, which colonizes seemingly arid, rocky soil, forming dense mats that spread along the ground and over the rocks.  Then, for a few precious weeks, the gentle, pinkish magenta flowers bloom, five-petaled pinwheel shaped, flaring out from a tubular center.

We can understand the healing properties of the Spreading Phlox by this polarity of the rugged earthiness of the stems and leaves, persisting through snowy winters and hot, dry summers, and the ephemeral flowers, reaching for higher inspiration. You will never find a Spreading Phlox flower in isolation. The individual flowers are supported by their group, and the landscape becomes a community of  Spreading Phlox clusters.

The effect of the Spreading Phlox essence is to sensitize us to our true soul bonds with those who may have journeyed with us in past life cycles, and who can help us follow our destiny star into the future.

There is a hunger in our culture to connect with like-minded seekers. Social media with its friending algorithms and virtual reality is a superficial imitation of the deeper connections we seek. Let Spreading Phlox guide your way.

Please enjoy this video montage of the Spreading Phlox presented by Richard Katz:

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