StressRest: For Reduced Anxiety & Improved Sleep

StressRest: For Reduced Anxiety & Improved Sleep

by Patricia Kaminski

StressRest is one of the leading new formulas in the TerrAnoint Pulse Point topical line, featuring synergistic blends of flower essences and essential oils for body-mind healing.

Dr. Cory Carter, Director of Alt Med Services in Black Hawk, South Dakota, recently reported:

“The StressRest remedy seems to be one of the most popular in our office. Many from ages 2–92 have benefited and enjoyed this flower blend!”

Hilary Hammond, a key staff person at Alt Med Services, notes further, “The StressRest formula has been amazing for many clients, including myself. Improved sleep and reduced anxiety seem to be the most reported benefits.”

When applied to key pulse or acupressure points, StressRest creates a vital pathway of communication from the physical and life bodies to the realm of thoughts and feelings. One might say the StressRest is a remarkable educational tool, helping one to appropriately recognize – and then to transform – states of agitation, anxiety or strain in modern life. Resisting or denying the reality of stress typically creates even greater demand on the body, especially the over-stimulation of the adrenal gland and circulatory systems.

This report from a client is typical example of the way StressRest works:

“I find myself upset by any kind of noises at night. For some reason my mind fixates on them and I end up in a hyper alert state. One of the worst is a neighbor’s dog who sometimes barks incessantly. I applied StressRest on my wrist pulse points and on the point between my two eyes (which feels over-stimulated at these times). The first thing I noticed is that instead of remaining irritated by the intrusion of dog baking, I went over into the consciousness of the dog. I found myself registering his condition – basically I was feeling sympathy, rather than antipathy. This seemed to relax my whole body. Before I knew it I fell asleep. I am sure the dog was still barking, but I went beyond it – and I guess that’s why they call it, “sound asleep.”

The StressRest Formula contains the following ingredients:
Flower Essences

California Valerian, Passion Flower, Motherwort, Lavender and Chamomile – Encouraging greater calm and composure; the ability to allow disharmonious aspects to appear in the theater of one’s consciousness without overwhelming or subsuming the core identity of Self
Impatiens, Vervain, Olive, Aloe Vera and Blazing Star – Facilitating the ability to act positively, with greater equanimity; ability to make clear, informed and non-reactive responses for transforming stress, pressure or anxiety in one’s life

Essential Oils

Lavender, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Chamomile – Promoting greater relaxation and positive receptivity in the body, allowing deeper breathing and self-centering
Grapefruit – Opening a channel of illumination for recognizing and transforming stress and tension

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