TerrAnoint™ Protect™ – A Shield

TerrAnoint™ Protect™ – A Shield

B.A. recently wrote to FES about the Protect TerrAnoint Formula:

“I am a traveler and accumulate a great many energies across airports and interstates. I also live in New York City, where I literally encounter a million faces each day, each full of energy and personality. Wearing Protect during such times makes me feel shielded from this, while at the same time not isolated. It makes me feel stronger, more grounded, and able to face any day.”

Immunity involves both body and soul. It is essentially a process of filtration – the ability to discriminate and eliminate, as well as the ability to embrace and taste. By knowing what to exclude and include in our daily lifestyle, we consolidate the essential Core Self, contributing to both physical and psychic health.

The Protect TerrAnoint Formula helps one to initiate and maintain this vital process of discernment and discrimination, so that the Core Self is able to be truly healthy, productive and present in life.

To purchase Protect, please visit this link.

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