The Guiding Power of Tall Mountain Larkspur

The Guiding Power of Tall Mountain Larkspur

The Tall Mountain Larkspur flower essence aligns us with the spiritual guidance necessary for true inspired leadership, a quality so greatly needed at all levels of society.

This past summer I visited the Tall Mountain Larkspur in its high alpine habitat, where it is nourished by snow-melt streams in the crystal-clear mountain air of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Please enjoy my video portrait embedded below.

The botanical name Delphinium recalls the Greek oracle of Delphi, where spiritual guidance was received from “above.” After many years of working with our Larkspur essence (Delphinium nuttalium and  Delphinium variegatum) for developing charismatic leadership, we found the Tall Mountain Larkspur (Delphinium glaucum) in the high mountain meadows and slopes. This stately plant is a much taller and larger version of the familiar wild larkspurs and garden delphiniums. In reaching for the Heavens, it encourages leadership that is based on a spiritual alignment that transcends personal ego.

The Larkspurs are members of the Ranunculaceae (Buttercup) plant family, named for the amphibian frog (“rana” in Latin). Like the frog, these plants start in the moisture and then, through great metamorphosis of form (particularly the leaves), reach up into the air and light.  They produce flowers with the most varied and creative shapes, such as the characteristic nectary “spur” in back of the Larkspur. 

Each of these Ranunculaceae flowers is vivified by the flowing waters of life, which is transformed into a light that can radiate out into the world. Inspired leadership is the light of Larkspur, and the Tall Mountain Larkspur elevates that light in alignment with higher spiritual purpose.

Reports from flower essence practitioners demonstrate the practical use of this essence. For example, one  practitioner described a case of a woman who felt stymied in her ability to be a writer. Tall Mountain Larkspur was a key essence for helping her to “stand out tall as a leader,” to speak her truth without fear. 

Dr. Marina Angeli from Athens, Greece wrote, “I would like to bow with gratitude before the magnificently healing and guiding power of Tall Mountain Larkspur, for reminding us of and helping us preserve the light of our souls and for (re)connecting us with our divine perception and our spiritual leading and self-leading qualities.”

Dr. Angeli was describing the use of flower essences to deal with the many crises facing the Greek people, and concluded with the above tribute to Tall Mountain Larkspur. Read her full article.

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