Violet: Overcoming Shyness While Maintaining Core Authenticity

Violet: Overcoming Shyness While Maintaining Core Authenticity

by Patricia Kaminski

One of the delights as spring approaches here at Terra Flora, is finding our charming violets (Viola odorata) gently emerge from grassy meadows and woodlands at the slightest hint of expanding light and warmth. Practicing meditative contemplation for this flower is quite interesting. Roughly translated into human words the Violet declares, “I awaken at the slightest hint of rising light. Yet even this dawning blush of light is intensely felt. I long to expand, yet I must also remain contained. I need the dark moist coolness of the earth to stabilize my core. I seek the light, and yet I can only bear the most gentle nudge of rising light, it is then and only then, that I can flower.”

As its name implies, the Violet flower is colored in rich purple, emitting a delicately sweet, yet evanescent aroma. In soul language, its color speaks of profound spiritual sensitivity. The Violet flower type is one who can easily access higher planes of consciousness. He or she is naturally drawn toward states of positive solitude, including prayer, meditation or contemplation. So deep is the nourishment drawn from inner states of reality, that the violet type can easily find many social interactions to be frivolous or superficial. It is exactly on this point that the Violet is challenged. How to extend the Self, to rally sufficient warmth from the Core of one’s heart if order to meet the social periphery. Even within the physical body of the Violet type, there is something held back from the extremities – the hands are often cool, and perhaps ever so slightly moist. The physical constitution can be inwardly strong, yet outwardly delicate – for instance easily chilled, or prone to react to any environmental adversity.

A practitioner who attended our color class last August offered this insight as we explored the color of purple in the language of flowers:

“As a child I begged my mother to let me wear purple clothes, and to allow me to decorate my bedroom almost entirely in purple. I always felt safe in this color. I could spend hours alone deeply entranced in my own imagination. I was never so happy as these moments. If I played outside I wanted to make some quiet nook, sheltered under a tree, where I could play with my dolls and speak to fairies. I was always a good child, an “easy” child from the point of view of my parents. Yet as I grew older, social connections were painful for me. I wanted so to be a healer, for I felt deep compassion for others. Yet at the same time, it was hard for me to connect. When I discovered flower essence therapy in my early forties, the violet flower was my saving grace. A steady use of the violet flower essence was remarkable. I began to feel a connection to my own authentic self, yet at the same time to find a bridge of presence for others. I found my own unique way of working with Reiki and other modalities. The work I do is a quiet gentle type of healing, I like to apply the essences topically – that’s amazing, for I never felt comfortable touching others until I took Violet flower (and also Pussy Paws). Without the Violet flower essence, I think I would have remained isolated in the cave of my home being a mother but nothing further, basically hiding out from the world.”

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View an enchanting video of the Terra Flora violet, celebrating the affirmation for Violet flower essence, written by Patricia Kaminski.

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